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Neil is in Chicago, Illinois

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πŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Neil! I'm an engineering manager at Roblox. Previously I built Hiome and other things. The fastest way to learn about me is to view my timeline →



Photos are a great way to capture memories. These are my recent ones.

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I've written 90 articles and 18 notes. It'll take ~2.1 hours to read all 31,710 words.

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Neil Gupta Neil on June 22, 2024

I’m sympathetic to those rallying against allowing companies to scrape the open web to train their models, but unfortunately that ship has sailed. By trying to block scrapers today, you guarantee that only OpenAI and Google can build large models since they already scraped everything, granting them a duopoly and turning their feature into a platform.

At this point, we’re better off either fostering competition and making it easier to bootstrap a new foundational model, or legislating that any model trained on public data must be fully open sourced.

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A snapshot of how my body is doing this week.

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Designed in California. Assembled in Chicago. Shipping worldwide.

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Board Games

I used to host game nights in Chicago. These are my recently played games.

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I like to build things with these tools. See more on GitHub and Dribbble.

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Sometimes you just need to unwind. Here's what I've watched lately.

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