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Neil is in Chicago, Illinois

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👋 Hi, I'm Neil! I'm an engineering manager at Roblox. Previously I built Hiome. The fastest way to learn about me is to view my timeline →



Photos are a great way to capture memories. These are my recent ones.

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I've written 89 articles and 17 notes. It'll take ~2.0 hours to read all 30,649 words.

Latest Articles
The Quest for Interoperability
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Authenticity at Work
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Latest Note

Neil Gupta Neil on May 8, 2024

I’m a fan of “slop” as a term, but “unwanted” AI content is subjective. A more concise definition would be “any content not generated by a human that pretends to be human generated”

There’s no wiggle room, either the generated content is known to be AI generated or it’s slop, regardless of its quality or if I wanted that content.

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🤖 Certified artisanal hand-picked words, no AI additives!



I like to build things with these tools. See more on GitHub and Dribbble.

Commits in 1 year 709 3 per weekday
Most commits 22 on July 6
Longest streak 17 days Dec 8 - Dec 24
Data from GitHub since June 11, 2023


Board Games

I host game nights in Chicago. These are my most recently played games.

Game Played
Point Salad Point Salad x 2 Apr 6
Secret Hitler Secret Hitler x 2 Mar 20
Brass: Birmingham Brass: Birmingham Feb 10
Secret Hitler Secret Hitler x 2 Feb 10
Love Letter Love Letter Jan 23
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Games played 46 37% replayed
Total plays 63 3 plays/month
Games owned 69 See all →
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Designed in California. Assembled in Chicago. Shipping worldwide.

Countries visited 16 45 airports
Miles flown 218,421 21d 10h in air
Flights taken 133 See all →
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Movies & TV

Sometimes you just need to unwind. Here's what I've been watching recently.

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Movies watched 54 36% of content
Episodes binged 283 from 41 shows
Hours wasted 327.8 0.7 hours/day
Data from Trakt since February 8, 2023