Neil Gupta

Neil is currently in Newark, New Jersey

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Chicago, Illinois Mar

👋 Hi, I'm Neil! I'm currently building Guilded at Roblox as an engineering manager. The fastest way to learn about me is to view my timeline →

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I write longer articles on my blog and shorter thoughts on my Beluga feed. Certified artisanal hand-picked words, no artificial 🤖 additives!

Latest Blog Posts
The Paradox of European Privacy Laws
The Mathematics of FOMO
Building an iCal Subscription
DIY Video Streaming
My Dream Tool for Remote 1:1 Meetings
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Articles written 85 308 words/article
Total words 26,237 1.7 hours to read
Thoughts written 988 See all →


I like to build things, usually with these tools. See more on GitHub and Dribbble.

Total commits 814 3 per weekday
Most commits 13 on April 18
Longest streak 38 days Mar 21 - Apr 27
Data from GitHub since March 20, 2022

Board Games

I host game nights in Chicago. These are my most recently played games.

Game Played
Secret Hitler Secret Hitler Mar 16
Secret Hitler Secret Hitler Mar 14
Brass: Birmingham Brass: Birmingham Feb 23
Rummikub Rummikub Feb 4
Thrones of Valeria Thrones of Valeria Jan 23
Games played 26 31% replayed
Total plays 34 5 plays/month
Games owned 69 See all →
Data from BoardGameGeek since August 28, 2022


Designed in California. Assembled in Chicago. Lost in the back of a FedEx truck.

Countries visited 13 39 airports
Miles flown 163,601 15d 23h in air
Flights taken 96 See all →
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Movies & TV

Sometimes you just need to unwind. Here's what I've been watching recently.

Title Watched
For All Mankind 3x04 For All Mankind 3x04 Mar 20
For All Mankind 3x03 For All Mankind 3x03 Mar 20
For All Mankind 3x02 For All Mankind 3x02 Mar 14
For All Mankind 3x01 For All Mankind 3x01 Mar 14
Shrinking 1x08 Shrinking 1x08 Mar 14
The Last of Us 1x09 The Last of Us 1x09 Mar 13
Movies watched 3 18% of content
Episodes binged 42 from 8 shows
Hours wasted 36.2 1.4 hours/day
Data from Trakt since February 26, 2023