Neil Gupta

Android vs iOS - Who Will Win?

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via TechCrunch

Android has succeeded despite Google. In fact it’s safe to say that Android is successful for one primary reason. The iPhone is only available on AT&T. If the iPhone was on Verizon a year ago. Android would be no where near as popular.

Obviously, Beach isn’t the first person to bring this idea up. But he brings it up in a way that he’s able to back-up his feelings from a developers’ perspective, while at the same time roping in what isn’t ideal from a consumer perspective about Android as well.

Android will continue to grow and become the dominant mobile OS. However, not because it's the better OS. Instead, people will purchase Android phones for the same reason dumbphones have prevailed for so long: people like free phones, and Android phones will be significantly cheaper than iOS phones.

Although Android will capture the majority of the market, all of the money will be made from iOS phones since its customers will be more likely to spend money on apps than their Android counterparts. As a result, the good developers will flock to iOS as well. Android will become the budget phone of the future, and iOS will be the high-end phone of luxury. By market share, android will win. By revenue, iOS will win. But both will co-exist just fine.

Written on September 6, 2010 in Chicago.