Neil Gupta

Apple Finally Killed the Remote

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via 9to5mac

That means you can watch most Internet video on AppleTV over AirPlay. The day AppleTV is released, you’ll be able to watch free SD clips of shows that appear on like the Daily Show and Colbert Report via Airplay. You theoretially should be able to watch Hulu Plus so long as it is encoded in H.264 (and doesn’t get blocked once the networks figure out what Apple has done here).

Ever since the first iPhone launched, I’ve been waiting for Apple to kill the remote with an integrated touch screen device. Apple has finally done it.

Google’s strategy is to turn your tv into a computer, and bring all the web’s content to the TV. Apple, on the other hand, wants to make the TV a dumb screen that waits for you to send it content, just like speakers wait for you to give them an audio source. By making that source your existing computer or iOS device, Apple has killed any need for an additional remote control. Instead, just use the device you’re already comfortable with, and easily push content to your TV. No extra device, no separate app, just the same exact environment you already use.

Written on September 18, 2010 in Chicago.