Neil Gupta

Hello World

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Welcome to the totally revamped Metamorphium!

While designing this site from scratch, I realized that I was being limited by Wordpress and really didn't need 99% of its features. For my blogging needs, which are very modest, a simple custom designed blog made most sense. But rather than pour hours of work into making a whole new blogging platform, I realized that Posterous's solution was exactly the thing I needed. Since I spend most of my time mobile and live off of my iPhone, being able to email in my posts meant that I'm much more likely to maintain the blog. Even this post was typed on my iPhone.

In order to integrate Posterous with my new site design, I used their public API to pull my posts from their servers and display them on my site. This allows me to use Posterous for my backend without it ever showing in the front end.

You may have noticed that I do not have comments in my blog. This is because adding comments support seemed to cause more problems than it solved in several aspects. However, I still love to hear your feedback and questions, and will try my best to respond quickly. Head on over to my contact page to get my address.

While performing this move, I also realized I have little reason to keep using Twitter, so I have decided to stop tweeting and switch to Posterous for all my blogging needs.

We'll see how this experiment goes.

Written on September 4, 2010 in Chicago.