Neil Gupta

From Graduation to a Press Conference with the Mayor in 2 Months

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I haven’t posted any updates in a long time, but I have set a personal goal to improve my blogging presence and keep this site updated. I’ll start off by giving a quick summary of where my life’s at now.

I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with Bachelors in Computer Science and Psychology, a minor in Entrepreneurship, and a specialization in Artificial Intelligence two months ago. One month ago, I incorporated my startup, Tabule. One week ago, I did a press conference with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (embedded below), where I talked about my startup and why I chose Chicago over California. The gist of my reasoning was that Chicagoans are more eager to help each other because if any startup succeeds here, everybody in Chicago benefits. The fact that I was doing a press release with the Mayor already proved my point.

Today, I am working full-time with my cofounder to pivot Tabule and build a new MVP. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me and documenting it here.

Written on July 8, 2012 in Chicago.