Neil Gupta

Site Redesign

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Quick update: I’ve redesigned the Metamorphium site to give it more of a focus on some of my photography, rather than a boring grey background as before. I’ve also decided to just link to my Posterous blog itself rather than using the Posterous API to show my blog within my own site without Posterous’s branding. This was merely a decision of convenience, since I did not want to deal with updating all of my code to use Posterous’s new API, when I’d rather be working on Tabule.

There’s still a lot of changes that need to be made at the time of this writing, and I will be rolling those out slowly over the coming days. The biggest missing feature is still the complete lack of photo gallery. I just haven’t had the time to build a nice gallery, so for now, I’ve just dropped five or so pictures that caught my eye in my Aperture library into the home page (click on the Metamorphium logo on the homepage to randomly cycle through the pictures without reloading).

More changes to come. Stay tuned.

Written on January 27, 2011 in Chicago.