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Neil Gupta Neil on February 8, 2024

“Headphones for your eyes” is a much more interesting way to think about VR.

Neil Gupta Neil on January 31, 2024

Reviews for the Vision Pro are out!

Does it live up to the stratospheric hype? Not so much.

Oh sorry, that's from CNET's review of the first iPhone in 2007.

It's way too early to tell if this product line will succeed in the long term. Will the first gen Vision Pro be a runaway success? Of course not! But will later generations look as obvious as the iPhone does now? Who knows!

For comparison, Apple sold 1.4 million iPhones in 2007. Supposedly Apple is expecting to sell around 500k Vision Pro units this year. Given the 3x price difference (in 2024 dollars), that effectively means the first gen Vision Pro is expected to bring the same revenue as the first gen iPhone.

We all have rosy retrospection about how great and obvious the first iPhone or first iPod was, but honestly nobody had any idea if Apple's crazy bet would pay off. We all agreed it was magical tech, but it was expensive, had tons of limitations, and nobody really needed it. Sound familiar?

All I know is it’s been a long time since I had such child-like wonder for new technology.

Neil Gupta Neil on October 26, 2023

2010’s: every command line tool is a startup idea

2020’s: every apple notes use case is a startup idea

Neil Gupta Neil on August 17, 2023

2 completely unrelated facts…

Fact #1: Anthem insurance does not consider a Vitamin D test preventative, even if your doctor coded it as such, and will not cover it during your annual physical.

Fact #2: Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem for those of us with darker skin, so good doctors will screen for it as a preventative measure in people of color but usually not for white people.


Neil Gupta Neil on July 30, 2023

“Don’t vote for democrats, they might actually try to improve your lives”

Neil Gupta Neil on July 16, 2023

TIL all Facebook products (including Instagram and Threads) are so hostile against privacy, they will refuse to render anything in Safari if you use iCloud Private Relay. You have to “Show IP Address” in Safari (which bypasses Private Relay) to get anything more than a blank white page 🤦‍♂️

Neil Gupta Neil on July 14, 2023

Why does Apple refuse to fix the spam call problem?

  1. silence unknown callers does not work with Wifi calling so my mac and iPad still ring
  2. if an unknown number I’ve never seen before calls, immediately hangs up, and then calls again, they are almost certainly junk
  3. if I never call an unknown number back, auto-block it next time
  4. if lots of other iphones are blocking this number, block it for me too
  5. make all these features work with junk texts too
  6. how exactly was this call carrier verified?

Yes, there are third party apps to block junk calls and texts, but since they can’t sync with or run on macOS, I have to choose an all or nothing approach to getting calls and texts on my mac 😭

Neil Gupta Neil on June 24, 2023

Still not sure if I should be sad Putin didn’t get toppled overnight or happy that I didn’t wake up to Wagner group being a nuclear power 🤔

Neil Gupta Neil on June 14, 2023

Obviously the only thing that stops bad sex with a gun is good sex with a gun.

Neil Gupta Neil on March 24, 2023

NYC is the exact opposite of Death Valley in every way… loud, bright, crowded, dirty, and aggressively social. I wonder if the reason it feels so fun is because it’s so grungy that every nice place you find feels like a diamond in the rough.

Neil Gupta Neil on March 19, 2023

I always felt smart homes were stuck with a similar problem. They have the potential to improve our home lives significantly but people need to be convinced of the utility. Unfortunately IoT companies haven’t innovated fast enough to improve usability for non-hobbyists.

Neil Gupta Neil on March 19, 2023

Anyway had a great day hiking in Death Valley to unwind after a week in Vegas!

“Everything you see is a big giant rock”

Neil Gupta Neil on March 19, 2023

TIL about the 3 types of fun.

Type 1: you’re having fun in the moment

Type 2: it’s not fun in the moment but fun after it’s over, like a long hike

Type 3: it’s not fun but it makes a good story so you don’t regret it even if you wouldn’t do it again

Neil Gupta Neil on March 16, 2023

I can’t wait for the future where I use my GPT copilot to turn 1 line into 3 paragraphs and the recipient uses GPT to translate the 3 paragraphs back into 1 line, and we can both feel more productive with our AI assistants.

Neil Gupta Neil on March 12, 2023

Forbes has done more damage to society than it gets credit for. It used to be that billionaires had to build impressive things with their name on it to get recognition. Now Forbes publishes their name on a list for winning at holding their wealth, and we celebrate it.

Neil Gupta Neil on March 12, 2023

Testing out Beluga!

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