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RT @DPRK_News: United States senator Ben Sasse, famed for his principles and moral character, deeply regrets that his primary principle of…

Sat Mar 26 2022

One of our users made a slick video explaining to their community why they’re moving to Guilded, and I can’t believe we didn’t make this ourselves 👏

Fri Mar 25 2022

From @6h05t51n15t3r’s screen to my bookshelf!

The internet continues to make cool things possible.

Thu Mar 03 2022

RT @HC_Richardson: Please take note of how dramatically Twitter has changed since the freezing of Russian assets. Suddenly all those anti-B…

Tue Mar 01 2022

RT @bzamayo: how it started … how it’s going

Fri Jan 28 2022

@eightsleep hi is the pod cover compatible with an adjustable bed frame or does that cause issues for the veins?

Wed Oct 06 2021

“The messaging over the last month in the U.S. has basically served to terrify the vaccinated and make unvaccinated eligible adults doubt the effectiveness of the vaccines.”

It’s really sad how much unnecessary anxiety clickbait headlines have caused.

Wed Sep 08 2021

Replying to @zachcoelius

sounds like you should chat with @DanielZarick about

Mon Jul 26 2021

Replying to @AdmaniExplains and @TurnerNovak

Yo Zaid, love your videos! If you’re setting something up, check out as well - way more features like community subscriptions that unlock extra content (early podcast access?) and lots of different content types like dedicated video channels 😉

Tue May 18 2021

RT @cableknitjumper: March 1st 2020 March 1st 2021

Tue Mar 02 2021

CNN wrote an entire front-page article about the number of Biden’s executive actions, and then ended it with an email from a professor explaining how their analysis is lazy and misguided 🤨

Sat Feb 06 2021

RT @CleverTitleTK: My brother just texted me: “I love the fact that the entire moral fate of the country depends on finding just 17 honest…

Tue Jan 12 2021

The retweet feature in Parler is literally called “Echo” in case you ever forget what kind of chamber you’re in

Wed Nov 25 2020

Replying to @GenZadChemE

Check out instead :)

(Btw I work there now. We just launched the streaming feature in beta. It’s not rolled out to everyone yet, but I can hook you up if you want ;)

Sat Nov 21 2020

RT @davidhogg111: The fact that Trump is using “He’ll Listen to the Scientists” as an insult to Biden and 43% of the country will still vot…

Thu Oct 22 2020

On the other hand, “sleepy joe” makes him sound like the first president I can really relate to

Fri Oct 16 2020

Tue Sep 29 2020

RT @donmoyn: The USPS had a plan to send 5 reusable facemarks to every household in early April. Even had a press release ready.

The White…

Thu Sep 17 2020

RT @368: GEAR TALKS is back, this time with ⁦@teamguilded⁩ which promises to be “the ultimate chat platform for gaming”… but how does it…

Thu Aug 13 2020

It’s impossible to overstate what a big deal GPT-3 is.

Sure it’s still in its infancy, but in the past 24 hours alone, I’ve seen things I didn’t think would be possible for another decade. We need to figure out socialized safety nets fast

Sun Jul 19 2020

Replying to @thatguyBG and @hnshah

The power imbalance issue could be solved if @Calendly let me send a personalized link for the recipient, where I already set aside times just for them. That way both parties put in work to pick times, and the invitee doesn’t have to enter their contact info at the end

Wed Jul 15 2020

RT @aetherlev: Okay I want to talk about the TikTok/K-pop stan let’s-troll-Trump operation and specifically about the data gathering aspect…

Mon Jun 22 2020

Replying to @jasonfried and @panzer

So much this. I asked for a refund from the App Store once and was shocked at how they make you open a ticket and wait a few days for a verdict on whether it’s approved, with the implication that they could refuse to refund, even after I had spoken with the dev. It was… bizarre

Fri Jun 19 2020

RT @michaelharriot: I had a professor who always talked about “the necessity of existence.” Basically, some things should be created just s…

Thu Jun 04 2020

Excited to show a side project I’ve been helping with: easy to understand, visual summaries of controversial COVID-19 studies

Check out our latest one on hydroxychloroquine:

Mon May 11 2020

RT @researchexplain: Is the coronavirus more common than we previously thought? Check out our explanation of the controversial study.


Mon May 04 2020

Replying to @hacks4pancakes

Isn’t this the definition of taxation without representation?

Mon Apr 20 2020

Replying to @TheFoodCorridor, @ashwinning, @nolimits and @travisk

Oh yeah, I know it’s not legal but neither is Airbnb. Obv food regulation is stricter since health is involved, so maybe it truly is impossible, but people already do bake sales or sell tamales from ice boxes, so why not facilitate it?

Mon Apr 13 2020

Replying to @ashwinning, @nolimits and @travisk

Haha different idea. Travis is doing commercial kitchens (WeWork for chefs), I meant help me run a ghost kitchen out of my home (Airbnb for food) and sell homemade meals. I choose my open hours when I’ll accept orders. I’ve always wanted this but would be extra useful post-COVID

Mon Apr 13 2020

To have a sense of adventure during quarantine, we’ve renamed the rooms in our home.

We’re currently chilling in the Bahamas, but had breakfast in Paris and it was delightful.

Sat Apr 11 2020

Your phone will soon be able to automatically perform contact tracing, which sounds like a privacy nightmare but it’s not! Here’s a brilliant comic of how the algorithm works while mathematically protecting your privacy.

Sat Apr 11 2020

Replying to @nolimits

Not working in this space, but idea for anybody who wants to: help individuals start their own ghost kitchens (navigate health compliance, get listed on doordash, etc), like Clerky for online restaurants

People cooking from home can fill demand from restaurants that dont make it

Thu Apr 09 2020

Replying to @neilgupta

Followed by our nightly block party 🎉

Mon Apr 06 2020

Of all the neighborhoods to be quarantined in, I’m glad this one is mine.

Turn on sound to hear some amazing singing👇

Mon Apr 06 2020

RT @hiomeai: A lot of companies incorrectly market their motion sensors as occupancy sensors, but there’s a big difference.

Read about why…

Fri Apr 03 2020

RT @hiomeai: We may be stuck at home, might as well make it a better experience :)

Today’s batch of shipments going out from our CEO’s hom…

Tue Mar 31 2020

Replying to @Jason, @Uber and @Postmates

Assuming hospitals even have spare ventilators, the problem with such a tracker would be people fleeing to areas with more ventilators available. Makes containment even harder.

Thu Mar 26 2020

Day 8 since Judgement Day: my family has started a remote cult 🤷‍♂️🙌

Mon Mar 23 2020

Struggling to socialize and feel connected during these strange times?

I wrote some tips and shared some games we used with my all-remote teams in the past!

Fri Mar 20 2020

Replying to @shamasis and @hiomeai

Thanks! We’re super excited to be getting it into more homes!

Fri Mar 13 2020

Cloudy with a chance of privacy erosion ☁️

My take on @chriswatterston’s popular “There is no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer” sticker

Mon Mar 02 2020

Just logged into Facebook after years of inactivity to delete my account, and exported all my data first. This shit is wild.

You can’t opt out of surveillance, but you can deprive the broker of your eyeballs and make sure snitches get stitches.

Fri Feb 21 2020

Replying to @alexiskold

This. The whole point of ML is a human couldn’t program the algorithm, so we let the machine come up with one.

It would be helpful to have a system for auditing input data for biases, like peer-reviewed research, to build trust in the absence of explainability.

Fri Feb 21 2020

Replying to @packetriot, @hiomeai and @letsencrypt

Thanks! I’ll take a look and reach out with questions soon. Responsiveness is definitely a competitive advantage :)

Tue Feb 18 2020

@inconshreveable is ngrok link still a thing? Sent a message to your sales@ngrok email last week, and never heard back. Would love to give ngrok link a try with @hiomeai

Tue Feb 18 2020

Replying to @Nivo0o0

Love seeing more people use plain ‘ol SMS for stuff like this!

We put our number on because nothing beats being able to just text a question. Will keep an eye on Community.

Sat Feb 15 2020

Is it weird that nobody trusts their dentist? Like they’re medical professionals and yet they feel like a used car salesperson

Sat Feb 15 2020

RT @saouderkirk: Like @berkun says, design matters

Mon Feb 10 2020


Mon Feb 10 2020

Got an Awair sensor based on recommendations from @dhh and @Homekitgeek…

One month later, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that I don’t get much value from the sensor because apparently my home’s air quality is amazing 😅

Fri Feb 07 2020

Naming things is hard.

Mon Feb 03 2020

Coming soon to a camera near you.

Sun Jan 19 2020

The upcoming wave of IoT products will all be local-first because too many users (and thus founders) have been burned by the old cloud-addicted products that literally die when their supply is cut off.

In the meantime, just say no to cloud-only products!

Sat Jan 18 2020

Replying to @AlexCox

How has Big Bidet not swarmed this thread yet?

But fine I’ll say it. Bidet!

Fri Jan 17 2020

RT @hiomeai: We love seeing the creative installations people do with recessed Hiome Door sensors!

This one is in a home in Rhode Island w…

Sat Jan 11 2020

RT @Sigalow: There are 2 models in D2C that produce scale & profits:

1) $100+/yr of contribution margin with crazy retention (ex razors, c…

Sat Jan 11 2020

Calling it here first, Smart Potato is the next unicorn.

✅people love it ✅looks like a toy at first ✅solves a big underlying problem (clean energy)

Fri Jan 10 2020

Replying to @sijank524 and @stratechery

That’s true. The disruption will be more in mindshare. We’ll stop assuming everything needs to be cloud-based and the pendulum will swing back to the middle. More local-only services/products are coming for consumers, but cloud will likely still dominate enterprise.

Thu Jan 09 2020


Wed Jan 08 2020

Replying to @stratechery

Surprised you’re not more bullish on local computing disrupting the incumbents. Privacy implications limit just how much data cloud companies can aggregate but turn my home into my own data center and it can aggregate everything about me.

Wed Jan 08 2020

Replying to @ktgeek

😂 in that case, I recommend a startup not a thermostat

Wed Jan 08 2020

What exactly is the point of this thermostat onboarding screen? Who isn’t choosing max savings if no trade-off is given?

Wed Jan 08 2020

RT @kenklippenstein: Exactly zero articles asking how we’d pay for the war

Sat Jan 04 2020

Since people are reflecting on their past decade, I made a timeline of my past 3 decades.

Thu Jan 02 2020

Replying to @lpolovets and @rishmishra

100% agree you should pay yourself fairly, otherwise you’re just subsidizing the business for other shareholders. But hopefully a junior engineer also makes enough to not worry about paying their bills.

Thu Jan 02 2020

RT @paulg: Our houses are in denial about how we live.

Sun Dec 29 2019

Weird artifact of a setup flow that doesn’t use an app or account… we get requests for an app with an account all the time.

When I ask why, the customer always takes a moment to think and then says nevermind, actually your way is indeed better…

Wed Dec 25 2019

RT @alfranken: Listening to Mitch McConnell talk about the decline of bipartisanship is like listening to Jeffrey Dahmer complain about the…

Fri Dec 20 2019

Replying to @vonerhan and @erenbali

Glad to hear this shift is finally happening! You wouldn’t brag about using Rails or Kinesis in a pitch, why would blockchain be any different?

Thu Dec 19 2019

Replying to @DanielZarick and @patio11

NEMA just opened in Chicago, and they’ve got buildings in SF and Boston too, with more opening in other cities. All very high-end luxury rentals. AMLI is another one.

I wonder why they both stylize their names in all caps 🤔

Thu Dec 19 2019

Replying to @george_sass and @maiab

Ugh my haircut place is like that! I feel guilty every time I leave without tipping because I didn’t plan ahead. At some point, it’ll be easier to just abandon them as a customer rather than show my face.

Thu Dec 19 2019

Replying to @MsPackyetti

I like that reward structure in theory. If they stop doing what we want, they should be kicked out, and the ones who keep representing us best should be rewarded.

Too bad there’s 100 other problems (Fox, gerrymandering, Russians, etc) that protect bad people from being fired 😫

Wed Dec 18 2019

RT @WardQNormal: My new hobby is taking graphs of economic data over time and indicating the year that Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, in ca…

Tue Dec 17 2019

Replying to @mohnacky, @paulg and @elonmusk

He split all his ideas into independent companies, rather than trying to solve 4+ problems with one company.

Fri Dec 13 2019

Baby Yoda sitting in a tree, C O O I NG

Yes we made our own baby yoda ornament. No I don’t know how Disney missed the opportunity to sell us one instead.

Fri Dec 13 2019

Replying to @loganlahive

If SilverIP is an option, I highly recommend them. Excellent customer service and fast, reliable connection at a good price.

From your list, I’d choose RCN, then Comcast (🤢)

Wed Dec 11 2019

That’s some grade A marketing, Stephen Miller. Who knew you could spin the next step of your ethnocracy wet dream as pro Jewish?

Wed Dec 11 2019

Replying to @alexiskold and @paulg

Ironically, one of YC’s biggest value adds is that it helps you hack those tests by lending you their name.

Sat Dec 07 2019

Replying to @alexiskold and @paulg

Assuming you’re a good investment, you’ll beat those trying to hack the test unless the investor’s test is susceptible to hacking. The feedback will usually tell you what kind of test it was.

Sat Dec 07 2019

Replying to @alexiskold and @paulg

Luckily startups themselves are not a test. So you can avoid any test by making enough revenue to not need external funding, but second best strategy is take the VC’s test without trying to hack it as your own test of the investor.

Sat Dec 07 2019

Replying to @alexiskold and @paulg

Great essay as always, but the problem is not that fundraising feels like a test, it’s that fundraising is a test posed by authority figures, and by @paulg’s own definition, is probably hackable. How hackable is proportional to the quality of the VC.

Sat Dec 07 2019

RT @hiomeai: An early customer’s 4 year old: “I want to see the laser field turn on,” pointing at the Hiome sensor.

Clearly we need to add…

Fri Dec 06 2019

“I didn’t vote for him but he’s my President, and I hope he does a good job.” – John Wayne on the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960

“I hope he fails.” – Rush Limbaugh on the election of Barack Obama in 2008

Whatever your politics, you have to respect @SpeakerPelosi’s response

Thu Dec 05 2019

RT @Grace_Segers: Yeah there really is no way to make the story of a space refugee adopted by farmers in Middle America who later becomes a…

Sun Dec 01 2019

RT @histoftech: holy fucking shit its a crab bubble sort

Sat Nov 30 2019

RT @hiomeai: Who says you can’t be both smart and pretty?

All new designs of the world’s smallest occupancy sensor available for pre-orde…

Wed Nov 27 2019

Replying to @jasonfried

The elevators in my building are like that! Just double tap to unselect the floor, which I end up needing way more than I’d care to admit… always wondered why it’s not standard in every elevator, to the point that I show it off to people sometimes.

Sat Nov 23 2019

Replying to @jamestynan

Pushing this analogy further, if I know a certain video is the one I’ve been looking for, I’m more likely to be patient while it buffers even when uncompressed. In other words, make it clear your goals are aligned first and people become feedback freaks.

Tue Nov 19 2019

Replying to @dhh

Unintential bias is still bias. The first @hiomeai occupancy sensor prototype didn’t work for some women bc they have lower body temp. Obviously we never programmed the thermal sensor to discriminate against women, but at end of day, it was biased. Only solution is diverse teams.

Sat Nov 09 2019

Replying to @goldengateblond

I went into that video assuming this was a sarcastic tweet and it had actually aged horribly. Was pleasantly surprised to find a wholesome nazi punching video instead!

Mon Nov 04 2019

Reminder that your dumb microwave clock will be wrong for the next 6 months

Mon Nov 04 2019

Who says foodie culture has changed in the last 200 years?

Mon Oct 14 2019

Amazon Echo Loop is like a smart watch but without the screen! Or tight integration with your phone’s notifications… or workout tracking… or anything except the voice assistant, your watch’s least used feature.

Wed Sep 25 2019

A surprising side effect of iOS dark mode on Apple’s branding: my little sister updated to iOS 13, tried dark mode, and immediately turned it off, saying it made her phone look like Android.

Tue Sep 24 2019

Replying to @alexiskold though I might be a little biased 😉

Sun Sep 22 2019

GOP: we have an immigrant problem.

Everyone: no we don’t.

GOP: it’s ok, we’ve locked them up.

Everyone: we have a gun problem.

GOP: do we though? I can’t fathom what we could possibly do about it anyway

Sun Aug 04 2019

RT @MaryRobinette: Let’s talk about peeing in space.

Several people, in response to my NY Times essay, have said that women couldn’t go i…

Sat Jul 20 2019

Replying to @CindyBiSV, @zebulgar, @eightsleep and @alexa99

Haha thanks for the tip, but I don’t generally have problems falling asleep. Rather, my girlfriend and I don’t always agree on what temperature the room should be :)

I’ve also gotten rid of Alexa in most rooms thanks to @hiomeai since we were just using it for smart home control

Wed Jul 17 2019

Replying to @zebulgar and @eightsleep

😂 Santa’s really modernized his tech stack!

Wed Jul 17 2019

My biggest takeaway from following @zebulgar since YC interviews is that he really loves his @eightsleep pod, which is cool until I realized now I think about him every night as I go to bed… Anyway, good night, Delian!

Wed Jul 17 2019

After a decade of making great enterprise tools designed for the end user, turns out those users actually want to use those tools outside work too. It’s unfortunate that many of those products don’t have pricing structures to encourage this though.

Fri Jul 12 2019

RT @asymco: You don’t have a smart speaker. You have a smart microphone.

Fri Jul 12 2019

Alexa is like my grandmother. She knows a lot but you have to ask in the right way and sometimes you have to shout so she can hear.

Thu Jul 04 2019

If you’re ever embarrassed by your code, just remember that GE shipped this.

(They also make aviation and hospital equipment.)

Thu Jun 20 2019

This shouldn’t be surprising. If you’re not paying a sustainable price for your products, the company is monetizing you some other way.

Sat May 25 2019

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would’ve said faster horses.

Thu May 16 2019

Replying to @robertskmiles and @paulg

Often being too naive to know the reason is what leads to new solutions.

Wed May 15 2019

RT @OverloadUT: Let’s say it again, folks!


Wed May 08 2019

RT @Homekitgeek: Had a great conversation with my kids this morning around closing doors. Different talk when they saw the predicated yearl…

Fri May 03 2019

RT @paulg: The two axioms that explain your experience with devices that contain software (except Teslas):

I. It takes extraordinary effor…

Wed May 01 2019

Still not sure if this is a great ad or bad news for @Allbirds

Fri Apr 19 2019

RT @BrianRoemmele: This is a regrettable test of promotion using Alexa. It is a very, very slipper slope that has the underpinnings of not…

Sat Mar 16 2019

RT @washingtonpost: Google forgot to notify customers it put microphones in Nest security systems

Wed Feb 20 2019

Replying to @culturedcode, @jdmyers and @ismh

Any update on this? I want to love Things, but hate having to fight it over recurring tasks.

Wed Jan 09 2019

RT @retailgeek: I have approx 40 hue lights, 10 other alexa compatible devices, and 6 echos in my home. The utterances for various devices…

Thu Dec 06 2018

RT @OmarNajam: I replaced the Amazon can you feel it commercial music with the theme from Winter Soldier

Sat Nov 24 2018

Spotlight PM: exact search is so 2015, we need fuzzy search! Spotlight Engineer: I don’t know any fuzzy search algorithms… Spotlight PM: it’s ok, it’s the thought that counts!

Mon Nov 19 2018

Replying to @YashwantM

Ha, I was the cofounder of many years ago but I let the domain lapse when we moved on. Looks like somebody else launched a nearly identical business on the same domain :)

Wed Nov 07 2018

RT @internetofshit: For some Saturday night entertainment, enjoy this thread where server maintenance means people are locked inside their…

Sun Oct 14 2018

RT @dhh: Always-on microphone and video camera for in your living room by the most notorious, planet-scale violator of privacy. This compan…

Mon Oct 08 2018

🤔 when ⁦@Pinterest⁩ decides the GOP must be on to something.

Sat Sep 29 2018

Yo dawg, I heard you like cover sheets…

Thu Sep 27 2018

RT @Dictionarycom: Dear CNN, Startling means surprising or astonishing.

Sat Aug 25 2018

Replying to @davearel

I just ask Siri to “remind me about this” but admittedly that’s not useful in situations I‘d use that feature most, like a meeting

Mon Aug 20 2018

RT @arasatasaygin: Sherlock is a natural-language event parser for #javascript - Hope this new logo helps with the…

Sat Aug 18 2018

RT @gaarder: “The old (weather) records belong to a world that no longer exists.”

Fri Jul 27 2018

@OpenPhoneApp just learned about you, this is exactly what I needed 3 years ago! Simple and geared towards startups, without all of the bloat of a larger CRM. Glad to see it finally exists without having to roll something myself… looking forward to trying it. Best of luck!

Sun Jul 01 2018

RT @TessaJeanMiller: if you’re a single-issue pro-life voter (i’m from the midwest so i know a lot of them) and you don’t care about immigr…

Sat Jun 16 2018

RT @levie: Guns don’t kill people, doors kill people.

Sat May 19 2018

Where are the board games using augmented reality to, well, augment the game? That seems like a killer use case for AR.

Fri Apr 13 2018

It takes an impressive level of poor management to change the locks on your guests and only inform them with a letter that’s inside the room they are locked out of, @sheratonhotels

Sat Mar 17 2018

RT @PeterGrantMP: Very perceptive description of how Trump and Fox News would describe it if a Muslim politician claimed that sacred script…

Fri Feb 23 2018

RT @dylanmarron: Three years ago I made a video series called Every Single Word where I edited down popular movies to only the words spoken…

Fri Feb 23 2018

RT @loganlahive: We talk about the @NRA as if they are untouchable. But their influence is purely $ and votes. At 5M members, they are mino…

Thu Feb 22 2018

The next step of our dystopian future is upon us. All your permissions are belong to @Amazon. Resistance is futile.

(The later button does not do anything. Screenshot taken after just opening Alexa app, not trying to set anything up…)

Sun Dec 17 2017

ObamaCare is a disaster!

Why is it a disaster?

Hillary had emails!

Sat Oct 14 2017

He’s openly celebrating that he’s driving costs way up by dismantling the Affordable Care Act because its nickname angers people.

Sat Oct 14 2017

RT @counternotions: Alan Turing, 1947: “If a machine is expected to be infallible, it cannot also be intelligent.”

Thu Oct 05 2017

RT @ASE: Each year, the U.S. seems to break its own world record for the deadliest mass shooting in history. Yet, shockingly, no real gun r…

Mon Oct 02 2017

It’s not 35m you were hoping for but 9’s nothing to sneeze @GOP. Screwing kids might even feel better than poor ppl.

Mon Oct 02 2017

RT @JasonKander: The Mayor of San Juan is wading through sewage, searching for people with a bullhorn while @realDonaldTrump insults her on…

Sun Oct 01 2017

Maybe somebody should let him know that Puerto Rico is part of the US…

Tue Sep 26 2017

Coworker: we should strive for “bad magician” models. There’s just a dash of magic going on but the tricks are really easy to understand.

Tue Sep 26 2017

4 years later, this feature is now in Safari 11!

Thu Sep 21 2017

RT @AndriErlingsson: Yesterday, Iceland’s government convened for the first time after the summer break.

At midnight the next day, the gov…

Sat Sep 16 2017

What I want: an LTE  Watch that any other screen (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) connects to

What I have: a separate LTE bill for each screen size

Tue Sep 12 2017

RT @danwlin: 2016: Next year can’t be worse

2017: If we’re lucky, the category-5 hurricane extinguishes the half of the country that’s cur…

Thu Sep 07 2017

Maybe next we can get him to say 2017 looks like it might be the hottest year on record. Nobody has hotter years!

Thu Sep 07 2017

RT @BadAstronomer: Steve Bannon out of the White House. He did alt right that coming.

Fri Aug 18 2017


Tue Aug 15 2017

RT @McJesse: GOP trying to bring America as close to disaster as they can for their own kicks. This isn’t legislation it’s autoerotic asphy…

Fri Jul 28 2017

RT @hrhjulieg: He was warned not to use all is drink coupons at once. It’s the altitude! #instcon #canvaslms

Thu Jul 27 2017

RT @longwall26: Comey: He’s guilty Democrats: He’s guilty Trump: I’m guilty Republicans: We may never get to the bottom of this

Fri Jun 09 2017

RT @iamdevloper: I swear front-end developers just got bored one day and decided to fuck everything up to create more job security.

Thu Jun 01 2017

RT @nikiagra: and this is why good UI is important..

Tue May 30 2017

“This can and should be a career-defining vote for every member of the House.”

Thu May 04 2017

If Apple has an iMessage for Android in its back pocket, May 1 would be a mighty fine time to release it.

Fri Mar 24 2017

RT @scott_tobias: Find someone to look at you the way these guys look at a bill freeing mining companies to dump coal debris in streams. ht…

Sat Feb 04 2017

RT @JamesSACorey: See. Math.

Sat Feb 04 2017

If you read anything this week, read this.

Tue Jan 31 2017

RT @AstroKatie: If someone’s political stance requires preventing scientists from informing you about your own planet, that’s not politics,…

Wed Jan 25 2017

RT @bdotdub: They’re not bugs – they’re just alternative features.

Mon Jan 23 2017

RT @GonzoHacker: It was the year 2017 and things had gone full cyberpunk

Sun Jan 22 2017

If this election taught Republicans anything, it’s that they can get away with anything so why bother with pretense?

Tue Jan 03 2017

RT @levie: I mean if you just keep the first 5 words and last word, and remove the middle 23 words, this is actually a thoughtful tweet. ht…

Sun Jan 01 2017

RT @arielinwen: The invisible workload that drags women down. “To truly be free, we need to free women’s minds.” vi…

Sun Jan 01 2017

RT @Instructure: It’s not the holiday season without an #UglySweaterParty or two. Our Chicago team is looking good!

Fri Dec 23 2016

Now is Not the Time to Criticize the Galaxy Note 7

Sun Nov 27 2016

RT @frumpy: 1,459 days Florida earns our ridicule and then one day we decide to put our fate in its hand.

Wed Nov 09 2016

RT @zwily: re: new mac laptops - if you’re a mac vim user and haven’t already mapped esc to a foot pedal, you’ve already lost

Wed Oct 26 2016

RT @IIT_Science: Computer Science’s Doug Lautner, Neil Gupta @neilgupta among the IIT people profiled by Think Chicago…

Tue Oct 25 2016

Had a problem with a @zazzle order and they express shipped replacement, no q asked. Startups take note: this is how you win loyal customers

Sun Oct 23 2016

Hillary turned off the Internet to rig the election! 😱

Fri Oct 21 2016

Great job application: “I refuse to do my job unless you hire this guy even I hate.” GOP hasn’t learned any lessons

Wed Oct 19 2016

You cannot make a man by standing a sheep on its hind-legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position you can make a crowd of men.

Sat Oct 15 2016

RT @MarkAgee: If I had weed I’d drive 10 under the limit. Dude had 20 unsolved rapes and was hiding all his money from the Feds and ran for…

Fri Oct 14 2016

I’m going to miss Obama….

Barack Obama on Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Cars, and the Future of Humanity

Thu Oct 13 2016

RT @HeerJeet: Good thread.

Sat Oct 08 2016

Hurricane Matthew looks like a face straight out of a horror movie…

Thu Oct 06 2016

The downfall of every great civilization is ultimately hubris and fear. #ThanksCongress

Thu Sep 29 2016

Stop Using Venmo

Mon Sep 19 2016

RT @anildash: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting iTunes, too.

Mon Sep 19 2016

Loving Siri’s new context awareness in Sierra…

Mon Sep 12 2016

RT @FXS_MisterKevin: This would also be good for curbing your Civ addiction.

Tue Aug 30 2016

RT @arielinwen: This could be the best #diversity training video I’ve ever seen in my entire HR career.

Tue Aug 30 2016

Nonstop hair loss-inducing debates about privilege and entitlement… That’s how you know my republican uncle is in town 😬

Sun Aug 21 2016

RT @goldengateblond: This is the woman making the rounds on Trump’s behalf who wants you to believe he was misunderstood.…

Fri Aug 12 2016

Vladimir Putin has a plan for destroying the West, and it looks a lot like Donald Trump.

Sun Jul 24 2016

Trump’s milkshake brings all the sociopaths to the yard.

Sun Jul 24 2016

RT @SpaceX: Dragon on its way to @Space_Station, Falcon on its way home

Mon Jul 18 2016

I suppose I can’t be surprised The Container Store likes to get straight to the point…

Sun Jul 17 2016

Replying to @marcoarment

I suspect we’ll see EarPod-integrated health sensors that could only work over Lightning as the justification.

Fri Jul 01 2016

Replying to @christine_hall

Thanks for the heads up Christine! Updated the link in the post.

Fri Jun 17 2016

Replying to @interplato

I haven’t tried it since I wrote that article, but it should. Others have said as of last year that it still helped. Let me know

Fri Jun 17 2016

FBI can’t do its job because people have too many civil rights. “If only we lived in a police state,” says police.

Wed Jun 15 2016

Meet the awesome @Instructure Chicago team:

Then learn about how we promote remote work!

Tue Jun 14 2016

RT @Instructure: Join our #Chicago team 6/28 to learn why remote culture rocks - and how you can do it too! https:/…

Sat Jun 11 2016

Chris Christie must be the Reek to Donald’s Ramsay. That’s the only explanation…

Fri May 20 2016

RT @dhh: TSA now has lines taking up to 1:45h in Chicago to clear security, - abolish the TSA, end the security the…

Sun May 15 2016

RT @danstevenduncan: @johnolilly This is great news! Sadly, the shameful replies show we still have a long way to go #disgusted https://t.c…

Tue Apr 19 2016

RT @existentialcoms: Sometimes I feel this terrible ennui when I haven’t had a really good taco in quite a while.

Sun Apr 17 2016

This is glorious. Classic Programmer Paintings:

Sun Apr 17 2016

I would say the hypocrisy is palpable but this is more like being waterboarded with hypocrisy.

Thu Apr 14 2016

It’s ok America. If the FBI can just ban encryption, all their problems will go away.

Wed Apr 06 2016

Human loves alien? Sure. Alien loves alien? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

#UKlogic #🖕

Sun Apr 03 2016

RT @harrymccracken: I am NEVER going to get in a Google self-driving car on April Fools’ Day.

Sat Apr 02 2016

RT @TessaJeanMiller: A+

Sat Mar 26 2016

RT @counternotions: Why hasn’t this tweet been deleted?

Wed Mar 23 2016

“Fear is the tool of choice for bringing a free people under the yoke.”

Also see: Donald Trump + the GOP

Fri Mar 18 2016

The only time policing should be easy is in a police state.

Fri Mar 18 2016

“If something feels abundant, whether it’s liberty or oil, human nature dictates that its value will fall.”

Sun Mar 13 2016

RT @Stonekettle: Calling universal healthcare and public education “free stuff”

is the same as calling a Navy aircraft carrier a “free sh…

Sun Mar 13 2016

Why do we work so hard?

Sun Mar 13 2016

RT @badbanana: This political season is making me look at things differently. For example, “Planet of the Apes” now has a happy ending.

Thu Mar 03 2016

What… I don’t… Wut…

Tue Mar 01 2016

Regardless of how this election turns out, it will forever change American politics. Really good read.

Mon Feb 29 2016

“Just because I dug this well does not mean that it will rain.” - @doitjay

Sun Feb 28 2016

Religion for the Nonreligious, or how to think about consciousness and be a better human. Long but worthwhile read

Tue Feb 23 2016

It’s amateur hour over in spy club.

Sat Feb 20 2016

RT @ddprrt: Developer tools, next gen

Mon Feb 15 2016

RT @kwissoker: As a friend put it: “Apparently, the GOP thinks that Black Presidents only get 3/5ths a term.”

Sun Feb 14 2016

That dream where the next POTUS nominates Obama to punish Congress for its inevitable stonewall of Obama’s nomination 👌🏽

Sat Feb 13 2016

RT @timbray: Major upgrade to the AWS Terms of Service; check out clause 57.10. No, really:

Thu Feb 11 2016

Re-entering my directtv activation code for different apps on the Apple TV every few months #ExperiencesILove

Fri Feb 05 2016

Literal signs that you’re a “real” company now… Posters about labor laws and workplace harassment go up next to the fax machine. 📠

Mon Feb 01 2016

RT @WhiteHouse: RT the good news: We’re taking new steps to advance #EqualPay for women →

Fri Jan 29 2016

Replying to @feardragon64

hahaha gotta love recruiters…

Wed Jan 20 2016

This is like watching a kid repeatedly run into your patio door. Forgivable at first but eventually have to stop it

Tue Jan 19 2016

Ironic that we have to build flash fallback to support Safari now…

Tue Jan 19 2016

RT @goldengateblond: “We can’t believe Trump is doing so well when he hasn’t run any TV ads,” said the TV media during its 24/7 Trump cover…

Mon Jan 11 2016

Excellent UX teardown reflects my exact experience with @get_headspace… never knew meditation could be so stressful

Mon Jan 11 2016

Lots of excited coverage, but no use cases presented…

Mon Jan 11 2016

RT @arielinwen: New year, new career! Join us at @instructure Chicago. #jobs #bigdata #ruby via @BuiltInChicago

Fri Jan 08 2016

RT @iamdevloper: is basically 🖕

Fri Jan 08 2016

Independent gov entity is pressured by Congress to not do its one job. You’ll never see it in traditional news

Thu Jan 07 2016

RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Rey was excluded from the new Star Wars Monopoly because men were concerned that she would be too good at the game right…

Tue Jan 05 2016

I always feel like a barbarian when I switch back to iMessage after spending so much time in Slack. :emojis: and markdown are :amazing:

Mon Jan 04 2016

Some great points by @dhh. Unfortunate current culture of agile dev and daily stand ups works against them for many.

Sat Jan 02 2016

“My eventual cure for imposter syndrome was to relentlessly leave the campsite cleaner than when I found it.” This.

Sat Jan 02 2016

Replying to @themattachine

oh snap, Kendall! Yes we must. And ofc, it would be hard not to pay attention even if I wanted. Organizers have done a 👌🏽 job

Sat Dec 26 2015

If you don’t think the current Chicago protests are relevant to you for whatever reason,

Sat Dec 26 2015

The US election today: Wall Street (Clinton) vs middle-class Americans (Sanders) vs neo-nazis (Trump) vs bible belt (Cruz). Who are you?

Mon Dec 21 2015

Is this a “good guy with a gun”?

Mon Dec 14 2015

If you’ve ever wondered how people let Hitler or ISIS rise to power, just look at Trump’s supporters. Extremism is thriving in America too.

Tue Dec 08 2015

Humans are 75% water, which means we’re actually just bananas with anxiety. 🍌

Sun Dec 06 2015

RT @brianstelter: BBC report tonight: “Just another day in the United States of America…”

Thu Dec 03 2015

Which one is on? I honestly have no idea…

Mon Nov 16 2015

Replying to @JohnLegere

Rather than charging $25, you should give $25/mo credit to whoever installs this, would boost @TMobile LTE coverage so quickly!

Mon Nov 02 2015

Thank you Google for secretly installing your Google Search app on my computer. What would I do without your help?

Fri Oct 30 2015

“Facebook says #1 type of request on M is for restaurant reservations.”

Exactly what we were seeing with Maven too.

Mon Oct 19 2015

Replying to @AppleMusicHelp

that’s unfortunate. Ideally I’d want a Smart Playlist that shows the songs I liked without adding them to the rest of my lib

Wed Oct 14 2015

@AppleMusicHelp I’ve been “heart”-ing a lot of songs in Apple Music, and wondering how do I go back and see all my liked songs?

Wed Oct 14 2015

MeowMeowBeenz raises VC funding…

Thu Oct 01 2015

RT @counternotions: Then Users: Please DoNotTrack me AdTech+Publishers: Screw you

Now AdTech+Publishers: Please DoNotAdBlock me Users: S…

Tue Sep 22 2015

RT @dhh: If you can only see a choice between “10MB, slow-ass, overly tracked, invasively ad-filled” and “death”, you’re not looking hard e…

Sat Sep 19 2015

If youre late, its your fault. If we’re late, its your fault. If TSA closes 1.5h before delayed flight, still your fault! Never @FlyFrontier

Sat Sep 19 2015

How conservatives forced changes to AP US history to make it more “pro-American”

Wed Aug 05 2015

How teachers should be treated… watch it until the end of the best BMW ad.

Wed Jul 29 2015

Apparently @Instructure is the Apple of EdTech – “analysts” are declaring we’re doing so well, we’re bound to fail…

Tue Jul 14 2015

Replying to @BigLexian

Battery currently lasts me ~2 days per charge. I’m confident in 2-3 generations, battery life will be good enough to handle LTE.

Mon Jul 06 2015

The Apple Watch needs to replace the iPhone as the center of my digital life more quickly.

Mon Jul 06 2015

iOS needs a “Watch Mode,” which automatically turns off all sounds, vibrations, and screen lights when my watch is connected and unlocked.

Mon Jun 29 2015

Same sex marriage legalized, confederate flags boycotted, and ACA upheld (once again) this week… Good job, country.

Fri Jun 26 2015

RT @NoahCoslov: Confederate flags come down and rainbow flags go up. That’s progress.

Fri Jun 26 2015

RT @counternotions: We’re living in a country where the Pope likely couldn’t be head of several Congressional committees because he’s not u…

Sun Jun 21 2015

Replying to @BigLexian


Wed Jun 10 2015

My watch told me to stand up and move around. I walked to the kitchen and ate a cookie. #success

Wed Jun 10 2015

Interesting that Apple uses HP servers instead of already relying on its own (commercially discontinued) Xserve racks

Mon Jun 08 2015

RT @VarunJuice: Bad product leaders: in addition to this, what else are you going to build? Good product leaders: of all this, what are no…

Tue May 26 2015

I’ve always wondered if this phenomenon is frontend web devs trying to add more engineering to the profession.

Sat May 16 2015

How to Make a Dent in “The Women Problem” in Chicago

Mon May 04 2015

“I have a hybrid background and repeatedly felt like I was being asked to tell a story about myself that was limited”

Fri May 01 2015

“When you aim unbelievably high, even your failures surpass other people’s successes.” - James Cameron

Mon Apr 27 2015

RT @dharmesh: If you are founder of a < 10 person startup, don’t use the title “President, CEO and Chairman”. Does not have the desired ef…

Thu Apr 16 2015

Why companies should be hiring design thinkers (human-centered), not designers or project managers (product-centered)

Wed Apr 15 2015

Inside the Kremlin’s hall of mirrors - how Russia is waging psychological warfare.

Wed Apr 15 2015

So where’s the Netflix of Apple Watch bands? $79/mo, get a band for any occasion.

Sat Apr 11 2015

RT @naval: “Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’re just a monkey with a plan.”

Mon Mar 23 2015

RT @Inc: Malcolm Gladwell on What Really Makes People Disruptive

Sat Mar 21 2015

Knowing too much can be dangerous to innovation. Inexperience always outperforms experience.

Tue Mar 17 2015

Are you a hacker? Focus on how to sell before building. Hustler? Figure out product before reaching out for sales.

Leave your comfort zone.

Mon Mar 16 2015

RT @dhh: ResearchKit: This is the future we’ve been waiting for. Love the audacity of problems Apple is now targeting and SHIPPING.

Mon Mar 09 2015

Sometimes I honestly wonder if @LinkedIn is actively trying to make their mobile web app experience as poor as possible.

Tue Feb 24 2015

What is a photocopier? (A re-enactment of an actual court deposition)

Mon Feb 23 2015

RT @Mallikarjunan: When starting #InboundMarketing, don’t worry about writing a perfect blog article to impress your zero subscribers. Just…

Sun Feb 22 2015

Replying to @voodooKobra, @cperciva and @patio11

Love Twilio, but if you’re just using SMS, @Nexmo is pretty great and much cheaper.

Sun Feb 22 2015

I just wanted to try @msonenote… cc: @UserOnboard

Thu Feb 19 2015

Replying to @marcymarcy and @Amadeus98

Thanks for the rec, Manny! Marcy, Polymathic looks interesting, would love to learn more. I sent you an email :)

Thu Feb 19 2015

I’m an Anti-Braker

Tue Feb 10 2015

RT @HayesBrown: Vaccinate your kids

“But I believe th-“

Fuck you. Vaccinate your kids.

“Parents should have a cho-“

No. Fuck you. Vacci…

Sat Jan 31 2015

Journalism must be an unassailable fortress of legitimacy. That’s YouTube and Comedy Central, not cable news.

Sun Jan 25 2015

Sweet, women’s health is a luxury! Good thing we have committees of men making these tough decisions for everybody.

Sun Jan 25 2015

“This is good news, people.” - @BarackObama

Wed Jan 21 2015

RT @billyeichner: No joke, he said women deserve equal pay and half the audience stayed seated. Astonishing.

Wed Jan 21 2015

RT @daniellecohn: If you follow @1871Chicago on Twitter these lights will blink. #startup #entrepreneur

Wed Jan 21 2015

I feel @AugustSmartLock should know I havent used it in a while before sending this email. Timing is important folks!

Sun Jan 18 2015

RT @patio11: If I were bootstrapping a new SaaS business in 2015 it would use software as the rocket for a human-provided services warhead.

Sat Jan 17 2015

Amazing read about the history of Silicon Valley’s race relations and how even the best intentions can backfire.

Wed Jan 14 2015

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Sun Jan 11 2015

RT @AnnsBrain: Look at me go!

Wed Jan 07 2015

RT @KristiDula: Wow. So #Maven proactively asks if she can help with specific things on my calendar. #mindblown You should get Maven- http:…

Wed Dec 31 2014

RT @tomalexander19: Email Etiquette for Entrepreneurs via @crewlabs

Tue Dec 23 2014

RT @KristiDula: I’m not gonna lie, @tomalexander19 and @neilgupta - Life is one million times better because of my assistant #Maven - http:…

Mon Dec 22 2014

RT @KatieOldham: Ever realised how fucking surreal reading a book actually is? You stare at marked slices of tree for hours on end, halluci…

Sun Dec 21 2014

There’s always two sides to a story, even in the case of horrific crimes. Interesting read about race and forgiveness

Mon Dec 15 2014

RT @ChantillyyyLace: Wow. This photo is incredible. #Berkeley #ShutItDown #ICantBreathe

Tue Dec 09 2014

@getmaven Hey Kristin, I’d love to use your twitter handle if you’re not using it! Please DM me.

Mon Dec 08 2014

@AnnsBrain tell me a joke

Mon Dec 08 2014

@AnnsBrain This is an announcement #ann

Mon Dec 08 2014

Replying to @AnnsBrain

I think it’s pretty great, but who let the dogs out?

Mon Dec 08 2014

Replying to @AnnsBrain

I’m great! You?

Mon Dec 08 2014

@AnnsBrain hello monkey!

Mon Dec 08 2014

My email is a monster - The Oatmeal

Thu Dec 04 2014

RT @saladinahmed: As part of his “You don’t like it? Well fuck you.” tour, Pope Francis just prayed in a mosque. htt…

Sun Nov 30 2014

Email is the most important channel for engaging your users. Here are examples of Really Good Emails.

Fri Nov 28 2014

RT @reuterspictures: The streets of #Ferguson

Tue Nov 25 2014

RT @ddprrt: “What’s bower?” “A package manager, install it with npm.” “What’s npm?” “A package manager, you can install it with brew” “What…

Fri Nov 07 2014

Testing the Flocks installation in the Hyatt Regency ballroom! More info coming soon…

Tue Oct 14 2014

Job Title: It’s Complicated

Mon Oct 13 2014

RT @badbanana: Honor Christopher Columbus today by getting half way to a goal and then calling it good.

Mon Oct 13 2014

RT @MonkeyBars_Chi: Mechanical art piece “The Flock” coming to life @CATLYZCHI @SebInChicago @neilgupta

Thu Oct 09 2014

Do yourself a favor and read this if you’re starting or want to start a startup in your early 20s.

Sun Oct 05 2014

RT @sofiazab: Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.

Sun Sep 14 2014

RT @thomasfuchs: Sad error message is sad

Sun Sep 14 2014

RT @h0peth0mas: Is your product a scalpel or Swiss Army knife? #mtpcon

Sat Sep 13 2014

RT @1871Chicago: “The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.” —Seth Godin, Squidoo founder, autho…

Sat Aug 02 2014

RT @dhh: Startups worrying about whether their app will scale to millions is like a lottery coupon buyer worrying about how to spend the ja…

Sun Jul 27 2014

Replying to @ngthatsme1

glad I could help, good luck on your startup!

Sat Jul 26 2014

There’s a billboard that says “Hell is Real” when entering Indiana and the flip side says “Jesus is Real” when leaving. I’m entering…

Fri Jul 04 2014

Solving founder loneliness and winning axes #BattleHack

Sat Jun 28 2014

RT @hnshah: Making the Lowly Alarm Clock Smarter /by @neilgupta

Sat Jun 28 2014

A New Bike Lane That Could Save Lives and Make Cycling More Popular? It’s not perfect, but it solves many problems.

Mon Jun 23 2014

Replying to @iPaulLee

Nice, Chicago needs more fun events like this. I’m organizing a murder mystery party for Chi founders. Maybe we should talk?

Thu Jun 12 2014

RT @flyosity: UI design is not high fashion where outrageous, show-stopping concepts are the point. UI design is a well-fitting, solid colo…

Tue Jun 10 2014

iPad on iOS 8 knows who I’ve been texting (not iMessages) and calling even though iPhone is on iOS 7. Why is iOS 7 reporting that data?

Sat Jun 07 2014

Replying to @vickipeng

do you mean something like

Fri Jun 06 2014

RT @CIA: We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.

Fri Jun 06 2014

This is, by far, the best explanation of how git works.

Thu Jun 05 2014

RT @iamdevloper: How some designers might as well write JavaScript:

window.addEventListener(‘scroll’, function(){ return Math.random()…

Tue Jun 03 2014

How to translate what developers mean:

Sun Jun 01 2014

RT @matthewsimo: Natural language date parsing -

Try: “Jetpack testing next thursday till 3 weeks from tomorrow” - …

Sun Jun 01 2014

RT @StartupGrave: A startup postmortem with a happy ending? …in Thailand - @tfridriksson

(Not a dead startup but…

Sun Jun 01 2014

Replying to @chrismlarson

no problem, glad it helped!

Sat May 31 2014

Replying to @AlexVarla

ideally I’d want this built by Apple. The auto-off feature def requires system-level integration.

Sun May 25 2014

Making the Lowly Alarm Clock Smarter

Sat May 24 2014

Replying to @AlexVarla and @PhillyD

it almost feels like they originally planned to position it against the iPad and then changed it to MBP at the last min

Wed May 21 2014

RT @GonzoHacker: We have a black president, weed is legal and Dr Dre is a billionaire. This is exactly what gangster rap promised us.

Tue May 13 2014

Think your business has too much legacy software? Try depending on a PowerMac 8500 in a closet for biz-critical tools

Fri May 09 2014

RT @antrod: Designer Duds- best piece on what really matters in design that I’ve read in years.

Fri May 09 2014

Scripting Your Gmail Filters

Fri May 09 2014

RT @mhodgson2: Valid ruby: class Fish; def 🔪; puts “🍣”; end; end 🐟 = 🐟.🔪 => 🍣

Tue May 06 2014

RT @danritz: I prefer blog posts over portfolio pieces when evaluating the potential skills of a designer. Seriously, by like 10 times.

Sun May 04 2014

RT @ChicagosMayor: University students: Apply by May 7th to #ThinkChicago & attend three days of @lollapalooza, meet tech leaders, more: ht…

Sat May 03 2014

RT @singularityhack: Sensors Everywhere - the nix philosophy of wearables: do one thing well

Wed Apr 30 2014

This ad agency may want to think about their hashtag some more. #ChisHoeLover

Sun Apr 27 2014

RT @HubSpot: Hah, true. The Evolution of Digital Media.

Sat Apr 26 2014

RT @TessaJeanMiller: i… i…. i give up

Fri Apr 25 2014

RT @GRRM: You’re welcome.

Mon Apr 14 2014

Why does @iTunes Radio not have a top 100 on iTunes station? I don’t want to limit myself to one genre.

Wed Apr 09 2014

RT @joesteel: FADE IN:


Mark sits with a trusted lieutenant.

LT People love Oculus.

MARK Buy it. Make the…

Wed Mar 26 2014

RT @BuiltInChicago: This IIT student startup is giving your car a voice

Wed Mar 26 2014

RT @dhh: Writing beautiful code is hard. As hard as writing beautiful prose. There is not one pattern, one trick, to turn ugly ducklings in…

Sat Mar 22 2014

How Design Thinking Transformed Airbnb from a Failing Startup to a Billion Dollar Business

Fri Mar 21 2014

“Before launch, use your product drunk.” - @ryanAmurphy on

Mon Mar 17 2014

The definitive review for 50 Shades of Grey. Read this if you want to be a better bf/husband (or even if you don’t)

Thu Mar 13 2014

RT @ashishrangnekar: Motherlode Blog: Homework’s Emotional Toll on Students and Families: Homework dominates the ……

Thu Mar 13 2014

Why does Apple refuse to use NLP for their Calendar and Reminders entry UI? Adding events with a form is just barbaric.

Wed Mar 12 2014

Replying to @AlexVarla

I got pickpocketed on CTA yesterday. TechCu is my bank. They detected fraud right away and blocked it before I could do anything

Tue Mar 11 2014

.@TechCU fraud division called me within minutes of my wallet being pickpocketed. I was still looking for their num. Big data at its finest!

Tue Mar 11 2014

Replying to @jfireman

no problem, glad it helped!

Mon Mar 10 2014

AmtrakResidency is brilliant. They should do a hackathon like this (awesome experience + @Amtrak site could use help)

Sun Mar 09 2014

Replying to @AlexVarla and @themattachine

have to agree with Alex.

Sat Mar 08 2014

RT @cypriss: Want some free performance out of your Rails app? Downgrade to Rails2. It’s a speed demon.

Sat Mar 08 2014

RT @ForbesTech: Education tech is poised to go mainstream

Sun Mar 02 2014

I like how Picturelife turns what could have been another static menu bar icon for syncing photos into a weather app.

Wed Feb 26 2014

Replying to @mattunger

I’ve been to check that show out. It’s worth watching? Although ValleySmash sounds more like a play on Valleywag.

Sat Feb 22 2014

I want to see @HouseofCards adapted to Silicon Valley, with CEOs, founders, and VCs. Would @TechCrunch be Washington Herald or Slugline?

Sat Feb 22 2014

RT @StartupLJackson: Facebook isn’t buying WhatsApp, this is a merger. Team gets 8% of FB & a board seat. Investors get some liquid. Media…

Fri Feb 21 2014

Replying to @YahooNewsDigest

no worries! This stuff happens.

Thu Feb 20 2014

My @YahooNewsDigest is trying to speak to me in JSON.

Thu Feb 20 2014

The cruelty of man represented in a cartoon:

Wed Feb 19 2014

RT @BeauWillimon: Howdy from the @HouseofCards writers room! We’re hard at work on Seas 3 for y’all. 800 pages to go! @netflix…

Tue Feb 18 2014

Microsoft made Windows 8 w/ Metro UI because women are illiterate or only do 1 thing, says MS UX designer… #facepalm

Tue Feb 18 2014

RT @StartupGrave: Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup - Brett Martin

Sun Feb 16 2014

By far, my favorite summary of the Comcast-Time Warner merger:

Fri Feb 14 2014

The presentation mistake you don’t know you’re making

Thu Feb 13 2014

Replying to @AlexVarla

haha it was sold out by the time I tweeted it. I think I got one of the last orders. Lol @ “Jesus Crispy”

Tue Feb 11 2014

The team behind Cards Against Humanity is a marketing machine!

Mon Feb 10 2014

The keyboard means it’s a smartphone (Found at the Chicago Auto Show)

Thu Feb 06 2014

Replying to @mfuzail

I’m a fan of,, and

Wed Feb 05 2014

UX Crash Course

Tue Feb 04 2014

Paper (by Facebook) is a joy to use. It’s going to be the new standard for gorgeous UX. But what’s up with that icon?

Mon Feb 03 2014

RT @iamdevloper: Fact: in 2013, there were as many as 10 websites made without Proxima Nova.

Mon Feb 03 2014

RT @jeffersonoakes: The Broncos offense? “@JonAcuff: What was that Fox 4 second things are on fire ad?”

Mon Feb 03 2014

RT @schierholz: Let me get this right: we seriously report a groundhog’s forecast but question 97% of scientists who agree on climate chang…

Sun Feb 02 2014

Just remember, Motorola, it could be worse. At least you’re not RIM.

Wed Jan 29 2014

RT @tabuleapp: “Christ, I hate Blackboard”

Tue Jan 28 2014

RT @themathbreakers: @neilgupta thanks for your article about D-U-N-S ( Saved us a ton of headache!

Tue Jan 28 2014

Replying to @themathbreakers

glad I could help!

Mon Jan 27 2014

RT @MattRichenburg: This ruined my week. Paying it forward. I’m so sorry fellow iPhone users.

Mon Jan 06 2014

Chicago is prettier than you think.

Thu Jan 02 2014

RT @mindbrix: Escalator UI done right.

Wed Dec 25 2013

Replying to @themattachine and @AlexVarla

thats pretty cool considering each of those is so different from the others. But Hollywood is indeed a small world

Tue Dec 17 2013

Is there anything @angellist doesn’t rock at? If your company culture doesn’t look like this, go back and try again:

Sun Dec 15 2013

People buy mobile devices for the same reason goldfish swim in their tiny bowls: its something to do while we wait for death - James Mickens

Sun Dec 15 2013

If all textbooks/papers were written like this, our education system would be booming.

Sun Dec 15 2013

Replying to @insanespec

this is genius.

Sun Dec 15 2013

Replying to @counternotions

I’ve always wanted to sort my home screen automatically based on usage. Would help me see apps I use and delete apps I don’t

Sat Dec 14 2013

Safari should just default to its Reader view when visiting a new site, seeing as how the majority of sites are covered in popup ads now.

Sat Dec 14 2013

Replying to @hnshah

A better title would be “This is Why Becoming a Master Software Developer is Hard.”

Sat Dec 14 2013

RT @iPaulLee: Google should just get it over with and rebrand as Cyberdyne Systems already.

Sat Dec 14 2013

.@marcoarment’s blog sent me down a rabbit hole of board game discovery. There go my Friday nights…

Sat Dec 14 2013

RT @Loh: Always wanted to travel back in time to try fighting a younger version of yourself? Software development is the career for you!

Fri Dec 13 2013

FaceTime notifications need to sync across devices like iMessage. If I answer a call on iPad, I dont want to see missed call everywhere else

Thu Dec 12 2013

RT @counternotions: “School district to pay students up to $300 for ACT [college admissions] scores”

(Where does …

Wed Dec 11 2013

This might be my favorite iOS7 bug so far. The home screen animation froze while trying to exit a crashed app.

Mon Dec 09 2013

Replying to @neilgupta

The real Chi unicorn: “@loganlahive: Our @Uber_CHI driver just stopped on middle of lake shore to demonstrate the 0-60 of his Tesla model s”

Mon Dec 09 2013

RT @adii: Making the hard decision to press pause on my startup…

Fri Dec 06 2013

If physical diseases were treated like mental illnesses…

Thu Dec 05 2013

RT @StartupLJackson: The Uberfication of everything is turning San Francisco into an assisted living community for the young.


Wed Dec 04 2013

Replying to @feardragon64, @AlexVarla and @eric_trinh

This is character defamation! I refute any such claims. You, sir, are a cheat and a drunk!

Wed Dec 04 2013

Replying to @feardragon64 and @eric_trinh

well shit.

Tue Dec 03 2013

Replying to @feardragon64 and @eric_trinh

when do you get back?

Tue Dec 03 2013

Replying to @feardragon64 and @eric_trinh

when are you gone?

Tue Dec 03 2013

Replying to @feardragon64 and @eric_trinh

Good point. That’s probably why I’m coming home in 2 weeks, but Eric isn’t.

Tue Dec 03 2013

Replying to @feardragon64 and @eric_trinh

that’s a lot of periods. I’m scared of moving back now.

Tue Dec 03 2013

Replying to @eric_trinh

i’m glad that you’re more agreeable than @AlexVarla.

Tue Dec 03 2013

read this.

“When did our plainest punctuation mark become so aggressive?”

Tue Dec 03 2013

I wonder when Apple will update the default volume name and icon to Macintosh SSD.

Fri Nov 29 2013

RT @webperftips: window.onerror = window.close;

For that native feel.

Thu Nov 28 2013

@sourcemongo GitMongo looks amazing but will there be an iOS 7 update soon? I want to be sure it is still supported before buying. Thanks!

Tue Nov 26 2013

This Awesome Ad, Set to the Beastie Boys, Is How to Get Girls to Become Engineers.

Thu Nov 21 2013

Introverted people live in a human-sized hamster ball.

Tue Nov 19 2013

RT @zachwaugh: When you’re done with your Tesla, simply light it on fire and someone will come bring you a new one.

Tue Nov 19 2013

RT @_DavidSmith: I understand their utility but hate it every time I see a coupon code box during checkout. Immediately makes me feel like …

Tue Nov 19 2013

Props to @Holman for analyzing and compiling debug strings to json. Next step: debug strings as a service.

Wed Nov 06 2013

Replying to @JonDBarrette and @TMobile

Talked to a rep further, turns out it’s not actually free, unless you have a voice plan, just misleading marketing.

Fri Nov 01 2013

Replying to @TMobile

I went back and tried asking for that, and was told that the plan was “sold out.”

Fri Nov 01 2013

Replying to @TMobile

tmobile rep refused to give free data plan unless I activated a voice plan. Is the deal not available to new tablet-only customers?

Fri Nov 01 2013

. @CodeCombat is the most fun you’ll have learning to code! If you’ve ever wanted to learn, check out

Mon Oct 21 2013

Replying to @HIVstories

no problem! Glad I could help.

Thu Oct 17 2013

RT @levie: We’ve reached a point where “success” for our government is defined as being not shut down.

Thu Oct 17 2013

RT @iamdevloper: That can’t happen That doesn’t happen on my machine. That shouldn’t happen. Why does that happen? I see. How did that ever…

Sun Oct 06 2013

RT @acxrtez: Seeing this page is the best feeling. @tabuleapp

Mon Sep 23 2013

Replying to @AlexVarla

barely. Reeder always had a flat look

Sat Sep 21 2013

Replying to @AlexVarla

that’s the same thing @reederapp did. Except that also introduced a lot of new bugs :(

Sat Sep 21 2013

Replying to @AlexVarla

yeah I read that, it’s so true.

Sat Sep 21 2013

Replying to @jdthornton4

thanks, glad it helped!

Fri Sep 13 2013

Replying to @mfuzail

“@vkhosla: Nurse’s new cellphone EKG technology alerts her to own heart problem. More of this will happen!”

Sun Sep 08 2013

One can never tell with Apple if iTunes Connect’s new overly aggressive session expiration is a feature or a bug. I’m hoping bug…

Wed Sep 04 2013

RT @thesmitpatel: If you aren’t ashamed of a year younger version of yourself, you haven’t been learning.

Sat Aug 24 2013

Contrary to this article’s narrative, most ThinkChicago students were bullish on Chicago’s future as a tech hub.

Thu Aug 08 2013

UX is not UI. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is, this is a nice overview.

Thu Aug 08 2013

Replying to @themattachine

Weird, I just saw this notification about Dexter after updating twitter. But yes, I do. Although I’m currently 1-2 eps behind

Wed Aug 07 2013

RT @iamdevloper: Life’s too short to stop and consider your site’s usage stats from Firefox.

Mon Aug 05 2013

Replying to @cabel

why not just check to see if the mouse is idle? Never understood why iMessage doesn’t already use that heuristic.

Wed Jul 17 2013

RT @paulg: “Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book.”

Mon Jul 08 2013

RT @BlacklineReview: With No Business Background, Tabule Founders Find Traction in Chicago

Sat Jul 06 2013

Replying to @TechNexus

FYI you posted the secret link, so anybody can edit your CL post. I’m also interested in several of the items! Can you DM me?

Tue Jul 02 2013

Disruptus turns product ideation into a board game. Great for teaching difference between idea and execution

Sat Jun 29 2013

There’s now a Tinder for professional networking. What’s your favorite pickup line for making business deals?

Sat Jun 22 2013

Replying to @AlexVarla

I agree, that’d be nice. But more importantly, why did Gruber type 2 for “to” but wrote out “three”

Wed Jun 19 2013

Replying to @fchimero

Good points, but 7 months was too short a deadline for such a massive redesign. They should have delayed the major changes to iOS8

Tue Jun 11 2013

iOS 7 looks like the product of an intern: a mix of clip art, haphazard gradients, and poorly drawn glyphs. I will miss iOS 6’s polish.

Tue Jun 11 2013

The Danger of Dogfooding - an important point that is often forgotten as the product grows.

Sat Jun 08 2013

RT @PRISM_NSA: So, who else is pumped about Google Glass?

Fri Jun 07 2013

RT @levie: “If you don’t have something to say about Game of Thrones, don’t say anything at all” - Twitter

Mon Jun 03 2013

“Why are schools so convinced that all students are going to be academics or an investment bankers?”

Mon Jun 03 2013

Replying to @cdixon and @peretti

this speeds up the game but the real fun is in negotiating M&A of property w/ cash, immunity deals, revenue sharing, etc

Wed May 29 2013

Inspiring @illinoistech commencement speech by @kwiller!

Congrats #iitgrads2013! Keep dreaming big and re-invest your talent and successes.

Sat May 18 2013

Replying to @AlexVarla

well that explains a lot.

Tue Apr 30 2013

Replying to @neilgupta

A simple branding decision can completely change your company. RT @JodiHoulihan: Dunkin Brands or Krispy Kreme?

Mon Apr 29 2013

Replying to @bensardella and @martyw49

Interesting point. I was curious enough to look it up: they did, but it never caught on.

Mon Apr 29 2013

Check out my chat with @WBEZ Morning Shift about Chicago’s booming tech scene and ThinkChicago: Lollapalooza at

Thu Apr 25 2013

Replying to @rudra_banerji

The update will look at your workload and study patterns to suggest when you should start work and when you can procrastinate

Thu Apr 25 2013

Replying to @rudra_banerji

Great question! I love Pivotal Tracker. We are actually working on a new feature that organizes homework in a similar way.

Thu Apr 25 2013

RT @WBEZ: .@neilgupta’s advice to young entrepreneurs: stick with Chicago to help grow your dreams #morningshift

Thu Apr 25 2013

RT @kwiller: love this - “running a startup” -

Thu Apr 18 2013

This is Chicago at its best

Thu Apr 04 2013

Replying to @miscsecurity

Agreed. As a side bonus, it could be a nice way to get urgent bug fixes through Apple’s review process faster too.

Thu Apr 04 2013

Replying to @SocraticLabs

Thanks! We are in Chicago. I’d love to learn more about Socratic. Who can I talk to?

Thu Apr 04 2013

RT @miscsecurity: The Cheesecake Theory

Wed Apr 03 2013

Replying to @miscsecurity

some updates change UI, increase OS requirement, etc. It would be disconcerting to users if apps changed between launches.

Wed Apr 03 2013

Online education’s dirty secret:

Sounds like @coursera could use integration with @tabuleapp to help retain students

Sun Mar 31 2013

RT @vkhosla: Basic information increases number of low-income students applying to top colleges. Simple & it improves the college! h …

Fri Mar 29 2013

How to pitch your tech project (or anything else) -

Share your story, not a press release.

Fri Mar 29 2013

RT @bensardella: “Collaboration does not happen without proper and effective communication.” wise words from @hnshah

Tue Mar 26 2013

Replying to @iPaulLee

also I’d love to chat over coffee about Chicago and what I’m building. Let me know

Mon Mar 25 2013

Replying to @derek_j_morris and @ipaullee

As a tech founder in Chicago originally from SV, I found culture in SV to be more hacker friendly than Chicago.

Mon Mar 25 2013

So apparently it’s a thing to trick 911 dispatchers into sending SWAT raids to an innocent person’s home… as a prank

Mon Mar 18 2013

At 5:30am: “hey, remember when we said we’ll be done by 11pm, no matter what.” - @eric_trinh

Murphy’s Law is a bitch.

Mon Mar 18 2013

There’s a site for helping startups called “f success” (@f6s)… seems a little counterintuitive.

Mon Mar 18 2013

RT @TechCrunchOnion: Midwestern entreprenuer moves to Silicon Valley, is met with bewildered stares when he keeps talking about somethin …

Sun Mar 17 2013

Just mailed my first 1120 tax return! Next year’s goal: be able to afford an accountant. #startuplife

Fri Mar 15 2013

It’s awe inspiring how much the world has changed in just 8 yrs. What will you change before the next Pope?

Thu Mar 14 2013

Replying to @neilgupta

In other news, Shark Tank announces new reality series, PG’s Den, coming soon RT @paulg: The Handshake Deal Protocol:

Thu Mar 14 2013

Meeting @ripemp at @TheCreamerySF reminded me how much I miss Valley culture despite Chicagos boomin tech scene. Some things cant be copied

Tue Mar 12 2013

Replying to @insanespec

don’t worry, that will be remedied soon :P

Tue Mar 12 2013

RT @Harjeet: “just” is a powerful and underrated word

Tue Mar 12 2013

Working at a coffee shop in SF is a great way to find out which startups you’ll be reading about next week.

Mon Mar 11 2013

RT @ripemp: Bill Gates at SXSWedu: The future of education is data:

Fri Mar 08 2013

Replying to @andrewchen

more like next Google Wave. Cool tech, poor marketing. Could be great if applied to right use case, like medical or engineering

Wed Mar 06 2013

RT @patio11: There’s a heck of a lot of potential value in taking a known improvement to X in the Y field and applying it to X in the Z …

Tue Mar 05 2013

RT @StartupLJackson: It took the Catholic Church 2 millennia to get to 1 billion members. It took FB 5 years. Then again, Catholics mone …

Tue Mar 05 2013

RT @tabuleapp: Tabule for iPhone has been updated! It’s more beautiful and easier to use than ever!

Mon Mar 04 2013

Replying to @jasonfried

this seems like something @GrubHub could pull off easily by just making a new app.

Fri Mar 01 2013

RT @jasonfried: Clever idea: Taking the restaurant out of the “what kind of food do I want delivered right now?” job:

Fri Mar 01 2013

Replying to @FactHive

This is incorrect. It was originally going to be a Mac exclusive that was demoed at Macworld in ‘99 before Microsoft bought Bungie

Wed Feb 27 2013

I wonder if Samsung is wasting its money advertising the Galaxy phones at SFO. Yet to see a single non-iPhone user.

Sat Feb 23 2013

RT @FactHive: Coca-Cola sold only 9 bottles per day in its first year. Today, more than 1.7 billion servings are sold in a single day.

Sat Feb 23 2013

Just discovered UserVoice has been filtering many legitimate emails into spam for months. Is it better to respond 6mo later or not at all?

Sat Feb 23 2013

Replying to @daniyakamran

that man is my hero.

Thu Feb 21 2013

RT @levie: Looking forward to the new CBS series, CSI: Tesla

Fri Feb 15 2013

If I can’t reply to review, App Store should at least allow anonymously emailing reviewer to offer support for the issue #custservicematters

Fri Feb 08 2013

RT @levie: Imagine having extraordinarily talented people, training them to be even more talented, then telling them to leave. Welcome t …

Thu Feb 07 2013

Replying to @daniyakamran

I tried to back it for £1 million but Kickstarter wont let me. I really want my name on the bottom of a service droid, dammit!

Wed Feb 06 2013

@1Password your iOS in-app browser has an omnibar for search and URLs except the keyboard lacks a space bar. Tip: check out Chromes solution

Mon Feb 04 2013

Replying to @MestreMind

Thanks so much! Very excited to be drafted to @dribbble!

Fri Feb 01 2013

Replying to @MestreMind thanks!

Fri Feb 01 2013

RT @amyhoy: “entrepreneur” snobbery has got to stop. if the guy running the plumbing business grosses more than you… how is he not one, …

Wed Jan 30 2013

Replying to @amyhoy

hate the word “entrepreneur.” I use “startup” > “business” cuz it implies I know I’m not a business yet and Im still experimenting

Wed Jan 30 2013

Replying to @MestreMind

Would love to try sharing my designs on Dribble! Shot: #help #dribble #randomstranger :)

Tue Jan 29 2013

Replying to @Siddharth_R

Agreed. Sucks for devs though when a 3rd party app popularizes a gesture and then other apps are expected to support it too.

Mon Jan 28 2013

Its amazing how new subtle gestures can become so ingrained. Thanks to Facebook, I try swiping up to close photos in every other app too now

Mon Jan 28 2013

Edtech: Don’t just build another Blackboard, focus on a specific problem.

Sat Jan 26 2013

RT @tabuleapp: Hey, you can use Tabule via SMS now! Put those due dates in their place.

Fri Jan 25 2013

Would be nice if the iPhone 5 had a developer mode that let you imitate an iPhone 4 screen size when testing apps.

Fri Jan 25 2013

How long until my Facebook graph searches become public and searchable too?

“Find people who searched for _____ near me”

Thu Jan 24 2013

Logged into old Twitter accnt to deactivate it. Immediately got email saying “Oh, we see you’re active again!” Now emails wont stop #regret

Wed Jan 23 2013

RT @Amadeus98: “I’m just pissed the bus passes went up 44%. Shit, Warren Buffett’s money don’t go up 44%!” Lmao! #CTAquotes

Tue Jan 22 2013

If I’m logged in, I have to pay to view a profile more than 3 degrees from me. Or I can logout and see profile for free. Good job, LinkedIn.

Tue Jan 22 2013

RT @intercom: You wouldn’t propose to someone just because they said they’d date you.

So don’t build features just because people sai …

Sun Jan 20 2013

Reddit cofounder calls Midwest the next startup hub, or “Silicon Prairie” cc @1871Chicago

Thu Jan 17 2013

For a company that claims to understand the importance of mobile, why are Facebook’s announcement videos still posted in Flash?

Tue Jan 15 2013

Replying to @mannyaldana and @aleksandrvarela

There’s also an Interactions feed on web and iPhone app. Go to Connect tab. You should’ve also gotten an email

Tue Jan 15 2013

I realize how much the Lightning port has spoiled me when I have to struggle to plug in the other end of the same cable.

Tue Jan 15 2013

RT @tabuleapp: Tabule for iPhone is here, and it’s more awesome than ever! Check it out at or download it from http …

Tue Jan 15 2013

When looking at a GitHub Contributions streak chart, if current streak is 0 days, the date range is “Rock - Hard Place”

Tue Jan 08 2013

Replying to @jkl2

Glad you got a response! I read other success stories from people tweeting @DnBUS too. Whoever monitors that account deserves a raise.

Thu Jan 03 2013

This concept Facebook redesign looks gorgeous! I like the clean Metro-inspired look.

Thu Jan 03 2013

Replying to @jkl2

Sounds like you’ll have to call D&B directly. Good luck! Apple sucks at few things, but any sort of web form is one of them.

Thu Jan 03 2013

Replying to @jkl2

Apple’s DUNS lookup tool has been down for at least a couple days now. I hope it’s not related to more people suddenly trying it now.

Thu Jan 03 2013

Replying to @jkl2

If you know DUNS number, have you tried typing it in directly on reg page, instead of using lookup? How long have you had the number?

Thu Jan 03 2013

Replying to @giovannibajo

Tried that too. Unless you’re applying for grant, they ask you to pay to get number. Probably depends on the person you get.

Thu Jan 03 2013

Replying to @alanzeino

Ah I’ve never dealt with Enterprise accounts. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve updated the post.

Wed Jan 02 2013

GPS’s should have an option to abridge directions near your home. I don’t need turn-by-turn to get on a freeway. Just tell me “Get on 101 N”

Sun Dec 30 2012

@atebits loving Letterpress! Would love even more if I could easily look up definitions of played words that I don’t know! :)

Mon Dec 24 2012

Achievement Unlocked: Got my first copyright infringement notice today.

Sat Dec 22 2012

RT @joseph_carney: This says absolutely everything you need to know about Android v iOS

Sat Dec 22 2012

@redboxinstant FYI, trying to open your marketing video on your homepage is giving me a deleted video error.

Wed Dec 19 2012

Execution Is Everything ;)

Fri Dec 07 2012

RT @farbood: “Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it kills your enemies”

Fri Nov 23 2012

RT @Stephen_Corwin: @neilgupta as simple as it was, your Hackernews blog post struck a chord with me and my own startup. You’re complete …

Mon Oct 15 2012

Just when I was about to hide Newsstand with Stiflestand (, Marco releases The Magazine (!

Thu Oct 11 2012

My hack of an experiment with a stand-up desk. Let’s see what all the hype is about.

Sun Oct 07 2012

RT @dcurtis: If you don’t constantly feel like everything you do is crap, you’ll never do anything Great.

Sat Oct 06 2012

RT @maverick_CEO: I would have said the same things as @vkhosla:

Mon Oct 01 2012

I got 99 problems, but Apple chargers ain’t one.

Mon Sep 24 2012

Did Microsoft just rip off and announce it as their own at the Nokia event?

Wed Sep 05 2012

Made homemade cheesecake. Like a boss.

Thu Aug 30 2012

RT @tabuleapp: Tabule, your student planner on steroids, has launched! Check us out at :)

Tue Aug 28 2012

This will be useful when iOS 6 launches

Fri Aug 24 2012

Hidden in Keyboard settings, OS X Mountain Lion has some useful new built-in Services, like New Terminal Tab at Folder

Thu Aug 23 2012

A beautiful welcome home from Chicago after a week in NY.

Mon Aug 20 2012

Even the NYPD building has neon lights in Times Square.

Fri Aug 17 2012

Wrapping up an awesome week consulting on a PepsiCo project by partying in a mansion with company execs.

Thu Aug 16 2012

It seems randomly and quietly reverts changes. Never using that again.

Thu Aug 09 2012

The @tabuleapp server now calls us when we deploy to production and plays the Bane chant :D

Wed Aug 08 2012

It’s a nice feeling when you can reference your own blog post that you wrote last time you needed to solve that problem. #needtoblogmore

Sun Jul 29 2012

Looking at Github graphs is fun. Can you guess when I graduated and started working full-time on @tabuleapp?

Fri Jul 27 2012

Replying to @Mattachine

yup, was filling out the up to date application for my sister’s laptop.

Wed Jul 25 2012

There are some things Apple fails miserably at. Web-based forms is one of them.

Wed Jul 25 2012

Despite its name, cinemagram is an actually innovative app. Had quite a bit of fun playing with it.

Mon Jul 23 2012

“This person puts on agoat suit, he changes the game.”

Mon Jul 23 2012

Looks like LinkedIn is A/B testing a new design.

Thu Jul 19 2012

RT @eric_trinh: When developing your MVP, ask yourself: what would a really, really lazy Jesus do?

Tue Jul 17 2012

Looking forward to Mountain Lion in 10 days. My computer needs a reformat badly.

Mon Jul 16 2012

Now that I’m finally doing more design work, it’d be fun to try out Dribble. Anybody got an invite?

Thu Jul 12 2012

2 very useful QuickLook plugins found via HN: and

Wed Jul 11 2012

I feel dirty. Never knew designing HTML emails was such a painful process, involving table-based layouts. There must be a better way.

Wed Jul 11 2012

Hey, you just met me, and this is crazy. I have your number and that is creepy.

  • @eric_trinh

Sat Jul 07 2012

Web designers: you need a Retina MacBook Pro

Fri Jul 06 2012

Some great points by Eric Reis on EdTech.

Wed Jul 04 2012

RT @KISSmetrics: “If you’re gonna be original, you can count on being copied.” Mike’s Hard Lemonade bottle

Tue Jul 03 2012

RT @levie: The great thing about the word “nontrivial” is it instantly makes you look smart and it’s really hard to mess up.

Tue Jul 03 2012

Great list of rules for software developers.

Tue Jul 03 2012

RT @wilshipley: Amazon’s buying experience has gone from awesome to abysmal in the last ten years. 200 slightly different listings for t …

Mon Jul 02 2012

RT @eric_trinh: @tabuleapp co-founder @neilgupta speaks at a press release with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, among others.

Mon Jul 02 2012

Replying to @Harjeet

amazing experience if video was designed for dome, like their astronomy videos. Terrible for other movies that are stretched to fit

Sun Jul 01 2012

RT @IIT_CSL: Congrats @neilgupta @tabuleapp! Neil was an IIT CS student. @iittoday

Fri Jun 29 2012

RT @chicagoideas: #Illinois Tech CS major @neilgupta became cofounder of @tabuleapp w/ the help of #ThinkChicago! Explore YOUR career: h …

Fri Jun 29 2012

RT @ChicagosMayor: [LIVE at 11:30am] The Mayor to discuss bringing the brightest future leaders to #Chicago. cc @ch …

Fri Jun 29 2012

RT @elinblesener: Hey I just met you And this is crazy But here’s my startup So cover me maybe

Fri Jun 29 2012

RT @hnshah: If you found a unicorn, would you tell anyone about it?

Fri Jun 29 2012

Input: 3 day old beard (a lot for me) Output: possibly the cleanest shave I’ve ever had

Very impressed with this @dollarshaveclub razor

Fri Jun 29 2012

RT @kwiller: Going to be a fun morning @1871Chicago

Fri Jun 29 2012

Press event in 2 hours. Going to trust razors with my face for the first time. Hope they’re as good as promised!

Fri Jun 29 2012

RT @eric_trinh: I’ve been in my PJ’s in my apartment for the last five days. Startup life is good.

Thu Jun 28 2012

“Photoshop has this beautiful medium font weight that’s just thick enough to read and thin enough to be anorexically pretty.” - @eric_trinh

Thu Jun 28 2012

There used to be a time when one would expect this kind of tech adoption in California first.

Thu Jun 28 2012

RT @kunal_modi: Prometheus species origin chart via @reddit

Mon Jun 25 2012

RT @cgarmstrong: Feature suggestion for Facebook:

Replace the Facebook iOS app with this image. Same functionality, less space! http:/

Mon Jun 25 2012

RT @hijonathan: In “wouldn’t it be cool if…” replace “cool” with “useful” and see if the answer changes. If it does, don’t build it. # …

Mon Jun 25 2012

“In a world ravaged by tweeting, our only solace is golden showers.” - Cards Against Humanity madlib

Sun Jun 24 2012

I love scrapy.

Sun Jun 24 2012

It’s like NBC/Hulu wants me to pirate shows when they just show me the first episode of a new season and then make me wait 30 days for more.

Sat Jun 23 2012

This is quite possibly the best Readme ever written.

Sat Jun 23 2012

RT @dcancel: “Running a startup is like being punched in the face repeatedly…”

  • Paul Graham (@paulg) #bingo

Thu Jun 21 2012

I wonder why Facebook integration for OS X Mountain Lion has to wait until iOS 6 launches in Fall…

Mon Jun 11 2012

If Passbook works, I’m assuming we’ll see mobile payments from Apple in IOS 7.

Mon Jun 11 2012

RT @shitmydadsays: “We ain’t a sharp species. We kill each other over arguments about what happens when you die, then fail to see the fu …

Mon Jun 11 2012

I wonder why Apple issues gift cards from a subsidiary (Apple Value Services, LLC) instead of directly from Apple, Inc.

Mon Jun 11 2012

RT @levie: “I’m really satisfied with where the product is at.” said no founder ever.

Mon Jun 11 2012

Interesting that Siri can differentiate between “there,” “they’re,” and “their” or “too” and “to” but not “I” and “eye” or “bee” and “be”

Sun Jun 03 2012

TSA randomly scanned my shoes for chemicals. I feel so much safer.

Sun May 27 2012

I wish I had this when growing up

Mon May 21 2012

I hate when landlords tell me that the security deposit will be returned after my lease, so a high deposit amount shouldn’t concern me…

Thu May 17 2012

RT @coketweet: Fox News is saying Obama just declared a “War on Marriage.” That sounds fucking awesome. Where do I enlist?

Thu May 10 2012

RT @eric_trinh: Who else feels an almost supernatural surge of creativity when procrastinating (studying for finals)?

Sun May 06 2012

Just submitted my last timesheet, hopefully forever!

Fri Apr 27 2012

Check out my weekend hackathon project, for asking quick, easy polls whenever you need!

Mon Apr 23 2012

Shown when trying to download an app that failed to download first time. Why can’t I just redownload it, Apple?

Thu Apr 19 2012

1871 ( has done a great job of branding itself as the hot incubator space to be part of in Chicago.

Thu Apr 19 2012

Natural disasters in San Francisco vs Chicago

Sun Apr 01 2012

This would never happen in Chicago :(

Sun Apr 01 2012

I like how Kickstarter makes all its money from funding iPhone accessories, yet their videos still require flash on the computer.

Thu Mar 29 2012

Looked like Chicago was on fire (from a couple days ago)

Wed Mar 28 2012

Brilliant concept

Can’t find any reviews for the actual blades, but will give it a try when my current blades run out!

Tue Mar 27 2012

RT @levie: Definition of Entrepreneur: person with the irrational belief that their location app will be the one everyone uses after SXSW

Tue Mar 27 2012

RT @jeremycrane: Nothing quite captures being douchie to the core like a signature in the format … FirstName LastName, M.B.A.

Tue Mar 27 2012

RT @piyushsinha: Today’s Google doodle has IIT campus building on it. #IIT #CrownHall #ExcitedIITArchies

Tue Mar 27 2012

Naming a product: Is it a condom or is it an Android?

Mon Mar 26 2012

Is that a threat, AT&T?

Fri Mar 23 2012

RT @nikz: New Hobby: using Apple tag lines as commit messages:

“This Changes Everything. Again”

Thu Mar 22 2012

East coast vs west coast:

Thu Mar 08 2012

RT @askotzko: When you are listing “key features” of your product, if you list every single feature then none are key.

Fri Mar 02 2012

Amex’s password reqs when creating new acct. No idea how I violated the one in red, or why the fourth one even exists!

Tue Feb 21 2012

RT @tabuleapp: Everything you thought you knew about learning is wrong.

Mon Jan 30 2012

RT @jasonfried: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking:

Mon Jan 30 2012

RT @simeons: Why does #Google think it is OK to spam people about their #privacy policy change? Seems like I get an email a day.

Sun Jan 29 2012

RT @jasonfried: Shit programmers say:

Sat Jan 28 2012

RT @leemhoffman: Wo a doubt. “@vacanti: Hardest part of starting company isn’t ideas, execution, fundraising; it’s the daily emotional …

Fri Jan 27 2012

“Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Fri Jan 27 2012

Android is the new IE in web development. It’s so fragmented yet popular enough that you’re stuck supporting the lowest common denominator.

Thu Jan 19 2012

In the same week, we’ve seen a waterproof and a self-healing iPhone revealed. At this rate, we won’t even need warranty for our phones soon.

Tue Jan 17 2012

Next big thing: a social network for homeless ppl to mark their territory so others know where space is available for them to spread out.

Mon Jan 16 2012

RT @vkhosla: Will We Need Teachers Or Algorithms? -

Sun Jan 15 2012

Time zones are the bane of my existence.

Mon Jan 09 2012

RT @hnshah: “Silicon Valley is a state of mind. It’s not a place. It’s a movement. And it’s viral and spreading everywhere.” @shervin

Mon Jan 09 2012

RT @wilshipley: Guys, I’m worried if gays marry then homophobes who spend no time around gays will somehow be affected.

Sat Jan 07 2012

Replying to @MAlexPena

But phones are so useful for settling debates!

Sat Jan 07 2012

Just backed my first Kickstarter project. Can’t wait to get my @TidyTilt! Always nice to see another startup from IIT

Thu Jan 05 2012

A man. A van. A surprising business plan.

Thu Jan 05 2012

Anybody else having erratic problems connecting to Wikipedia for past week? DNS randomly won’t resolve. Makes a good impromptu SOPA protest.

Sun Jan 01 2012

RT @allixsenos: When the fuck did facebook turn into an overbearing girlfriend?

Sun Jan 01 2012

It’s always sunny in Silicon Valley.–+Technology%29

Sat Dec 24 2011

Replying to @MAlexPena

I blame you for not reminding me to get tickets :P

Sun Dec 18 2011

Replying to @MAlexPena

damn, I totally forgot to buy tickets earlier :( And I just started listening to Hollywood Undead earlier this week too…

Sun Dec 18 2011

Dear Congress, It’s No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works

Sat Dec 17 2011

“If you don’t fail, you haven’t tried hard enough.” - Shervin Pishevar

Fri Dec 16 2011

How to write like an engineer

Thu Dec 15 2011

RT @KISSmetrics: Why Burying Sign Up Buttons Helps Get More Sign Ups #webdesign #measure

Thu Dec 15 2011

Even Microsoft’s developers have gotten tired of supporting older versions of IE.

Thu Dec 15 2011

Why do login forms suck so much? Either each site has its own form, or there’s a NASCAR page of social sites I can use to login…

Thu Dec 15 2011

It’s very exciting to think about all the things that will be possible soon now that we have Bluetooth 4.0 LE!/blog/14177518904-bluetooth

Tue Dec 13 2011

RT @neilpatel: Sell the crunch not the apple

Tue Dec 13 2011

RT @feliciaday: Whenever I’m paralyzed about making a big decision, I ask myself, “What is the story I want to tell with my life?” Makes …

Tue Dec 13 2011

A platform for creating custom contracts by mixing and matching parts:

Is this feasible, legally speaking?

Sun Dec 11 2011

I think I may have accidentally done this to myself…

Sun Dec 11 2011

RT @billmaher: Hey #RepublicanDebate moderators - there’s a new thing out called Challenging factual errors, get in on the ground floor …

Sun Dec 11 2011

Replying to @MAlexPena

well that’s what “retweet” is. But shows how addicting Facebook’s like model is.

Sat Dec 10 2011

“It’s about time to punch the economy in the nose.” - Southwest ad

Sat Dec 10 2011

RT @randizuckerberg: The entrepreneur’s dilemma:

Maintaining friendships. Building a great company. Spending time w/family. Staying fit …

Fri Dec 09 2011

RT @dougw: Overshadowed by #NewNewTwitter are Embedded Tweets. We want Tweets to be the easiest way to publish around the Web. http://t.

Fri Dec 09 2011

#newtwitter is poorly designed for users with multiple accounts. They are optimizing for new users, making room for 3rd party clients again.

Fri Dec 09 2011

Very well done video, though I can’t believe he actually counted the number of dots… (via @MAlexPena)

Wed Dec 07 2011

I want a pet dolphin I can talk to!

Mon Dec 05 2011

@mfuzail we should just hire this kid…

Mon Dec 05 2011

Avoided studying for finals or working on projects by randomly redesigning instead…

Mon Dec 05 2011

I like that Amazon now includes product review form directly within their reminder email, makes me far more likely to actually fill it out.

Sun Dec 04 2011

I want a simple iPad note taking app, uses two finger tap to switch back and forth between pen tool for drawing and text tool for typing.

Thu Dec 01 2011

Having a bit too much fun playing with Path’s new UI. Anybody with a smartphone definitely needs to try this app…

Thu Dec 01 2011

RT @willmiller79: “The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they’re not always accurate.” - Abraham Lincoln

Wed Nov 30 2011

The cognitive benefits of chewing gum

Tue Nov 29 2011

RT @jcdavis: Apparently Sergey Brin got tired of Seeing Jimmy Wales’ face

Fri Nov 18 2011

Replying to @MAlexPena

oh wow these are awesome. This is going to save me SO much time!

Fri Nov 18 2011

RT @mfuzail: Heard a ppt that ended with “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” This can apply to so man …

Wed Nov 16 2011

Lesser known ways to persuade people

Thu Nov 10 2011

RT @biz: “When tiny things start happening a million times, it becomes a large thing.”

Wed Nov 09 2011

And why does AppleCare even come in a big box when all I care about is the serial number? Give me a gift card I can scratch for the code!

Tue Nov 08 2011

Why does AppleCare require me to go thru long web process? Why can’t I just type AppleCare serial into About My Mac screen? C’mon Apple!

Mon Nov 07 2011

Steve Jobs’s Real Genius

Mon Nov 07 2011

RT “@wadhwa: Sleep is optional when you’re an entrepreneur…” <– if only I could convince my body of that after a couple of all nighters.

Thu Nov 03 2011

RT @Eris: When you think about it, the Bat Signal was probably the first cloud-based push notification.

Mon Oct 31 2011

Aggression in its most elegant form.

Sat Oct 29 2011

Quote from CEO 2011: “Equity is like crap. Keep it to yourself and it starts to stink. Spread it around and something beautiful can grow.”

Sat Oct 29 2011

Something tells me the founder of Chuck E Cheese really likes How I Met Your Mother. True story!

Fri Oct 28 2011

Interesting to see mostly women doing elevator pitches at CEO conference, considering less than 1% of startups are run by women.

Fri Oct 28 2011

RT @rands: Whenever I press a button that reads “Merge”, I think “This action will almost always screw me.”

Sun Oct 16 2011

This baby expects magazine to work like iPad and people still think she should be taught the same way as 100 years ago?

Sun Oct 16 2011

There should be a twitter for sound. Quick 5-10 second recordings of environment that can be shared and played back in one big mash-up.

Sat Oct 15 2011

Kids growing up in a different world, but sent to same school as ancestors, and when it doesnt work, we drug them - Edie Wiener #tedxmidwest

Sat Oct 15 2011

Why does everybody insist on auto-adding signatures to the bottom of every email? Usually longer than the email itself and serve no purpose!

Thu Oct 13 2011

Thing I learned today: zip code is apparently the best predictor of SAT scores #chicagoideasweek

Thu Oct 13 2011

“My people were beggars and snake charmers. Then we became low level engineers. Now we’re hot shot CEOs.” - Vivek Wadhwa during debate

Thu Oct 13 2011

.@wadhwa just publicly challenged Peter Thiel to direct his energy towards fixing education! Great closing to an amazing debate!

Thu Oct 13 2011

I just got handed a cookie with a QR code on the wrapper instead of a business card. I approve of this kind of marketing.

Wed Oct 12 2011

Update - police chase with probably every available cop in the city ended near my apartment last night #lifeinchicago

Mon Oct 10 2011

An army of police cars are gathered a few blocks from my apartment… Wonder what happened

Mon Oct 10 2011

100% of HN homepage is dedicated to articles about Steve Jobs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much solidarity on the Internet.

Thu Oct 06 2011

RT @Jschwa: “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” -St …

Thu Oct 06 2011

We just lost one of the most influential people of our time. Thank you for all that you contributed to the world, Mr. Jobs.

Thu Oct 06 2011

Replying to @wadhwa and @nickseguin

I’d argue that’s due to type of people at Stanford, not because of something in their curriculum. See freshmen for proof

Mon Sep 26 2011

Just noticed the “Send Do Not Track HTTP Header” option in Safari’s Develop menu. Neat.

Sun Sep 25 2011

Interesting point of view on why not to go to med school…

Sun Sep 25 2011

The difference between men and women

Sat Sep 24 2011

“Myspace used to ask too many questions, and I chloroformed that bitch, took it out to the desert, and put a bullet in its head!”

Thu Sep 22 2011

Very impressed with Facebook’s Timeline video, brilliant marketing.

Thu Sep 22 2011

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” – Howard Aiken

Tue Sep 06 2011

People are biased against creative ideas:

Keep this in mind next time you hear a crazy new idea…

Tue Sep 06 2011

RT @andrewchen: Xerox PARC, Apple, and the Creation of the Mouse : The New Yorker

Sat Sep 03 2011

RT @paulg: The Patent Pledge:

Wed Aug 31 2011

RT @eschow: RT @mgoldst: I say tomorrow everyone wears jeans, New Balance sneakers and a black mock turtleneck.

Thu Aug 25 2011

iOS 5 turns Japanese iPhones in earthquake alarms… Nice to see Apple building this into the OS.

Mon Aug 22 2011

Replying to @MAlexPena

haha yup, it’s a funny piece

Mon Aug 15 2011

This has to be the most unhelpful text I have ever received. It’s like a “get ready, we’re gonna spam you” warning…

Tue Aug 09 2011

Replying to @wilshipley

a legit company support account might, especially during a PR crisis.

Mon Aug 08 2011

RT @billamend: A little ironic that Apple’s campus store is open to the public and Google’s is closed.

Fri Aug 05 2011

Getting Bin Laden: What happened that night in Abbottabad

Tue Aug 02 2011

RT @ccurtisj: Sometimes I’m afraid to up-vote certain songs on Pandora because I don’t want the station algorithm to get the wrong idea. …

Fri Jul 29 2011

Why does Microsoft expect me to already have Windows in order to download Windows from MSDN?

Thu Jul 28 2011

The Orange Juice Test

Thu Jul 28 2011

Replying to @eric_trinh

yeah I agree, immunity is the one exception I’d make to that post.

Mon Jul 25 2011

Play Monopoly the way it was meant to be played!

Mon Jul 25 2011

RT @FreeTheFeross: So why should we invest in your startup? [COMIC]

Sat Jul 23 2011

This is going to be huge for a lot of long-term diseases, not just diabetes:

Fri Jul 22 2011

Replying to @Mattachine

I’m not even planning on installing a full word processor anymore. Google Docs + iWork on iPad satisfy my modest needs.

Fri Jul 22 2011

Replying to @Mattachine

lol just upgrade to Lion and it’ll keep working. It’s not Apple’s fault Microsoft got lazy when coding the installer.

Fri Jul 22 2011

Replying to @Mattachine

2008 is a 4 year old product and even then, the issue only arises when you try to install it.

Fri Jul 22 2011

Disqus’s captcha box needs to be fixed on iPad. Waited 2 min for comment to post, scrolled up to top, saw hidden captcha box. Bad UX

Fri Jul 22 2011

Replying to @Mattachine

or if you have 2008 installed and just do an upgrade to Lion instead of clean install, then Word should keep working too.

Fri Jul 22 2011

Replying to @Mattachine

only Office 2008 doesn’t work because the Installer requires Rosetta. 2011 should work, but haven’t tried it.

Fri Jul 22 2011

RT @hnshah: Time is like money, when you have it you don’t know what to do with it and when you don’t there’s a million things you need …

Sat Jul 16 2011

RT @mikelimondba: You know who else organizes people into circles?


Thu Jul 14 2011

Replying to @eric_trinh

Neil Gupta +1’d this.

Mon Jul 11 2011

Replying to @mfuzail

ok now I have a proper “Invite people” link, which I did not before. Check your email for the invite now :)

Thu Jul 07 2011

RT @the_shantanu: Yet another place i’ve always wanted to chill at with my iPad - Taco Bell to serve up free WiFi

Thu Jul 07 2011

Beautiful. Cities of US, to Hans Zimmer’s Inception soundtrack.

Wed Jul 06 2011

RT @jasonfried: Lamborghini wants you to know it’s in the details:

Tue Jul 05 2011

I like how Hacker News delays allowing replies on deeply nested comments to encourage more level-headed and thought out replies.

Sat Jul 02 2011

Why did Hulu take my Queue RSS feed away? Now my only options are getting spammed by emails or remembering to manually check Hulu…

Fri Jul 01 2011

I hope this sparks more cities to follow Seattle’s lead in finally getting rid of phone books.

Thu Jun 30 2011

ProPublica Launches Online Tool To Compare Public Schools: There’s a lot of neat data in there.

Thu Jun 30 2011

RT @Harjeet: i like this quote from @jasonfreedman: “You don’t find a technical cofounder, you earn one.”

Thu Jun 30 2011

Even Google+’s feedback form is cool. Highlight or blackout portions of the page easily so it can generate a screenshot with full bug report

Thu Jun 30 2011

Well done videos for Google+, very Apple-like. It’s a refreshing change over Google’s engineering-focused products

Wed Jun 29 2011

RT @mfuzail: interesting ideas of tech in the classroom #ideajam

Tue Jun 28 2011

Unlimited movie tickets for $50/month? Interesting idea, but I’d have to watch more than 6 movies/month to be worth it.

Tue Jun 28 2011

My dad cut open a perfectly shaped peach and two bugs crawled out of the seed. How is that even possible? 0_0

Mon Jun 27 2011

How Pandora Survived More Than 300 VC Rejections

Sun Jun 26 2011

Sun Jun 26 2011

Replying to @abbelani

awesome. Yup, when do you want to meet up?

Sat Jun 25 2011

Wow Bonobos are smart… Reminds me of Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

Fri Jun 24 2011

GitHub for Mac = Awesome. And it works with non-GitHub repos :D

Wed Jun 22 2011

RT @mfuzail: being innovative and intuitive at the same time is challenging.

Tue Jun 21 2011

The Terrifying Truth About New Technology: people aren’t afraid of new technology, they’re afraid of getting older.

Thu Jun 16 2011

How Twitter is playing a role in changing modern warfare:

Sat Jun 11 2011

Replying to @Amadeus98

so in other words, entirely pointless and counterproductive? ;)

Sat Jun 11 2011

Great tips on how to demo your software product:

Fri Jun 10 2011

RT @rickyyean: “Sell a story that some people want to believe. In fact, sell a story they already believe.” - Seth Godin

Thu Jun 09 2011

RT @bengl3rt: Steve Jobs would say “12,000 people in one building” like “1,000 songs in your pocket.” Same pacing, same inflection. Wow.

Wed Jun 08 2011

Really cool flashcard studying app for iPad 2, taking advantage of the Smart Cover to improve user interaction.

Wed Jun 08 2011

“iOS 5 applications can now play content from iTunes University.” This is going to lead to some very nice video-based education apps :)

Tue Jun 07 2011

Replying to @Mattachine

She’s a prof/PhD student in the IIT HUM department. Nice person, taught my Technical Writing class. Dunno why she’s emailing you

Tue Jun 07 2011

Replying to @abbelani

haha alright, sounds good

Tue Jun 07 2011

Replying to @abbelani

ah I’m actually going to be out of town during the week. How about next Thursday (6/16) evening?

Tue Jun 07 2011

Replying to @abbelani

hey! Yeah I am. Forgot to get in touch, my bad. Want to meet up this weekend?

Mon Jun 06 2011

RT @levibethune: Steve Jobs is Oprah Winfrey for men.

Mon Jun 06 2011

“All you have to upload is what iTunes can’t match. Which is much faster than starting from scratch.” Apple’s got some budding poets…

Mon Jun 06 2011

Here’s hoping the iMessage service works with iChat in Lion too, just so I can feel safe knowing I really can get my messages on any device.

Mon Jun 06 2011

Salman Khan on the Colbert Report, discussing the Khan Academy

Sun Jun 05 2011

RT @drdrang: Safari GMail extension by @neilgupta that shows reading time of your message as you type it:

Sun Jun 05 2011

Replying to @matthewmcvickar and @drdrang

thanks the only stat I could find is avg email read time is 0:20. Would love to use more specific ones if possible

Sun Jun 05 2011

The Apple ID + Developer registration process is one of the most convoluted and confusing registrations I have ever endured.

Sat Jun 04 2011

RT @wilshipley: I wonder why in every presentation I’ve ever seen the clicker fails. How old is this technology? Isn’t this the FIRST th …

Sat Jun 04 2011

RT @counternotions: If you’re interested in nexus of tech & biz, I challenge you to find something better: Steve Jobs at WWDC 1997: http …

Sat Jun 04 2011

Grand Rapids proves that it’s not a “dying” city with “the greatest music video ever made.” #goGrandRapids

Thu Jun 02 2011

Another school ditches textbooks for iPads…

Wed Jun 01 2011

“Knowledge in film editing should be taught to aspiring interaction designers; [just] how film editors think and work.”

Mon May 30 2011

Impressed with the ease of use of @square. A very Apple-like experience, from signup to the packaging of the reader.

Fri May 27 2011

RT @neiltyson: If you removed all the arteries, veins, & capillaries from a person’s body, and tied them end-to-end…the person will die.

Wed May 25 2011

Creative and fun way to engage young kids: teach them to draw by using butts!

Wed May 25 2011

Glad to see Apple standing behind its developers in the face of patent trolls. Sets a good precedent for future trolls to think twice.

Mon May 23 2011

Why does the city still insist on spending money mailing everybody the yellow pages? Does anybody even open them anymore?

Mon May 23 2011

@mfuzail we dont actually know graphenes implication on silicon chips yet. Its pure speculation, so it’s not as impressive as its properties

Sun May 22 2011

Replying to @mfuzail and @mattachine

of course it’s bonds, nobody said they didn’t know the explanation. That doesnt change that it’s an important discovery

Sun May 22 2011

Replying to @Mattachine

that’s not the surprising part. It’s surprising that it takes that much force to break graphene, since graphite is easily broken

Sun May 22 2011

“In a common place environment at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty?”

Very cool story.

Sun May 22 2011

“It would take an elephant, balanced on a pencil, to break through a sheet of graphene the thickness of Saran Wrap” wow.

Sun May 22 2011

“Your #1 competitor starting out will always be the BACK button, nothing else.” - Garry Tan via

Sat May 21 2011

“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.” - Voltaire

Fri May 20 2011

5 ways to maximize your cognitive potential: fascinating article if you’re at all interested in Psychology

Thu May 19 2011

“Nothing important, or meaningful, or beautiful, or interesting, or great ever came out of imitations.”

  • Anna Quindlen

Tue May 17 2011

“It’s your curiosity and enthusiasm that will get you noticed and make your life interesting—not your grade point average.”

  • Steve Blank

Tue May 17 2011

RT @mfuzail: 6 Reasons Why Tablets Are Ready for the Classroom -

Tue May 17 2011

Excited about impact of Chromebooks for Education pricing on schools. Just $20/month/student…

Wed May 11 2011

RT @ev: Good design used to make you stand out on the web. Now it’s the price of entry.

Wed May 11 2011

RT @SanJoseSharks: “It doesn’t matter how we got here, what matters is how it ends.” - Sharks Head Coach Todd McLellan.

Wed May 11 2011

Fun Coke marketing campaign in Columbia. Spreading the happiness indeed.

Wed May 11 2011

Admin-free Chrome Frame installs for IE: One more reason to stop supporting legacy users when designing web apps.

Tue May 10 2011

“How many gay people must God create before we accept that he wants them around?” -Rep Steve Simon of MN House

Tue May 10 2011

RT @abrams: Announcement: “Skype to be renamed Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail MSN Video Chat Bing”

Tue May 10 2011

My iPhone weather app has live icon updating again! All it takes is being in California where it’s always 73 and sunny.

Mon May 09 2011

RT @jasonfried: You either trust the source (Obama) or you don’t. Why would you trust a photo from a source you don’t trust?

Wed May 04 2011

“To a teacher, it’s the future…” Can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for educational use in iOS 5.

Wed May 04 2011

“Better to be a moving turkey than a sitting duck.” - John Rowe

Wed Apr 20 2011

Playbook also doesn’t understand the limitations of multitasking. Leaving a game or video running when I switch apps is not helpful.

Tue Apr 19 2011

Just tried using a Playbook, spent a minute trying to figure out how to leave an app, finally gave up and walked away. RIM is doomed.

Tue Apr 19 2011

RT @jasonsantamaria: I dread going to Facebook because I can never find whatever new buried setting is now sending me emails.

Tue Apr 19 2011

RT @Harjeet: “We could pull numbers out of our ass and do anything. Any curve is total crap. If you believe it you’re being fooled” - St …

Tue Apr 19 2011

Odorno comes one step closer to reality!

Wed Apr 13 2011

How to Get a Real Education at College:

Sat Apr 09 2011

“If theres a loophole someones going to drive a truck through it and the people in the truck will get paid better than the people under it.”

Sat Apr 09 2011

Facebook app just updated on its own to add an updated news feed. Glad to finally be able to like comments.

Sat Apr 09 2011

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing its stupid.” -Einstein

Fri Apr 08 2011

RT @mfuzail: Lol. Crime scene cookies. funniest complaint letter hands down.

Thu Apr 07 2011

Search ‘Helvetica’ on Google: I appreciate these subtle April Fool’s pranks.

Fri Apr 01 2011

“We love seeing your beautiful face everyday. Keep it up!” - message that popped up after using Everyday app for a week.

Tue Mar 29 2011

Watching my professor give a lecture using an iPad 2 connected to projector. It’s making lecturing even easier than I imagined.

Tue Mar 29 2011

RT @Ryan_C_Miller: Fun facts about the institution I work at. #illinoistech #iit #admissionevent #sachat

Sat Mar 26 2011

RT @jasonfried: University of Michigan is well-represented in the 37signals internship applications. None yet from U of Illinois, IIT, U …

Fri Mar 25 2011

RT @abbelani: “Offline Labs Goes Online With $1 Million Seed Round. “ congrats @RodBegbie @VDP83 @rmandal !

Wed Mar 23 2011

Bought my first groupon: one year of I-Go membership for $30. Excited to finally have access to a car in Chicago! :D

Fri Mar 18 2011

RT @kevinkindred: Japanese nuclear worker on the news: “I am prepared to die to avoid meltdown.” Say it with me–I will not complain ab …

Thu Mar 17 2011

RT @tabuleapp: IIT offered to sponsor us with a free office! Check out a video sneak peek of our new space at

Wed Mar 16 2011

Extremely interested in seeing the new #startupvisa pass for @mfuzail’s sake :)

Mon Mar 14 2011

RT @johnamatson: Strikes me that nuke power is like air travel. People fear it b/c mishaps are so dramatic. Dangers of fossil fuels/driv …

Mon Mar 14 2011

Harker sure has grown in the past few years…

Sun Mar 13 2011

Why it’s so hard, yet so important, to ask questions in class: If only there was a way to make this step easier ;)

Sat Mar 12 2011

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever. – Chinese proverb

Sat Mar 12 2011

Amazed that there’s already an extensive Wikipedia article about the Japan earthquake that just hit Hope everybody’s ok

Fri Mar 11 2011

Great marketing that focuses on actual emotional use cases for the iPad 2 instead of just listing features.

Thu Mar 10 2011

Woah In N Out is expanding to Texas. There’s hope it’ll come to Chicago one day then :)

Tue Mar 08 2011

RT @ericasadun: If you’re deciding on a tablet based on specs, you’ve missed the point

Thu Mar 03 2011

Replying to @mfuzail

it really does feel like a Pixar short, not a commercial. I love it.

Thu Mar 03 2011

iPad 2’s mirroring feature is just what profs have been looking for using iPads in class. A major request we get is mirrored screen output.

Wed Mar 02 2011

Nice to see Apple calling out iPad usage in education. Hopefully they push for the education market more with the iPad 2.

Wed Mar 02 2011

Hofstadter’s Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.

Fri Feb 25 2011

RT @gruber: There is a nasty rumor going around that Apple is a for-profit corporation run by staunch capitalists.

Fri Feb 25 2011

I wonder if the iPad next week will use Thunderbolt, and wireless syncing for computers without Thunderbolt.

Thu Feb 24 2011

RT @tedlandau: Apple may be the only company that can have a delay for unannounced products with no declared launch dates.

Tue Feb 22 2011

RT @jasonfried: is such a cool idea.

Tue Feb 22 2011

RT @tabuleapp: Just moved into our new office this week! More pictures to follow once we’ve settled in

Mon Feb 21 2011

RT @UXBooth: 30 Usability Issues To Be Aware Of

Thu Feb 17 2011

RT @mfuzail: How great entrepreneurs think !

Thu Feb 17 2011

RT @tabuleapp: Is Khan Academy the future of education?

Sun Feb 13 2011

Replying to @Mattachine

you need to upgrade your hardware, iOS 5 is almost out! Also turns out my problem was IIT wifi failed. Figures.

Sun Feb 13 2011

The iOS app update process has been incredibly buggy lately. My apps keep getting stuck in update limbo with no way to cancel the update…

Sun Feb 13 2011

Persuasion in design:

Sun Feb 13 2011

“Memory is a crazy old woman who hoards colored rags and throws away food.” – Austin O’Malley

Wed Feb 09 2011

Loving Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad for both their car and the city of Detroit.

Tue Feb 08 2011

The Google Translate app for iPhone is very impressive. It’s amazing to have my phone translate my English into fluent Hindi in real-time.

Tue Feb 08 2011

Being a leader isn’t about power, authority, or glamour, it’s about washing the dishes when nobody else will.

Tue Feb 08 2011

Asana looks interesting, sure hope it works out better than Wave did.

Tue Feb 08 2011

Replying to @Siddharth_R

nope :( my dad got a ticket though… hopefully he gets a Xoom since I really want to try developing for it.

Tue Feb 08 2011

Wow Google IO sold out in 59 minutes. It was down the entire time for me too. I wonder how many of the registrants are actually developers.

Mon Feb 07 2011

RT @jasonfried: Ever get the feeling that most frequently asked questions are actually never asked?

Mon Feb 07 2011

Exciting to see so many schools embracing iPads for students.

Sun Feb 06 2011

I really hope Apple releases an iPad stylus for educational use. That would make the iPad the perfect tool for students

Sat Feb 05 2011

This is how winners are made: Never heard of Limu before, but well-done video.

Fri Feb 04 2011

Bad decisions make for good stories.

Fri Feb 04 2011

RT @ConanOBrien: If Costco is just a grocery store on steroids, then Wal-Mart is just a 7-Eleven with type 2 diabetes.

Wed Feb 02 2011

RT @illinoistech: Due to the extreme weather, IIT will be closed on Wed February 2nd and will re-open on Thurs February 3rd #IIT #illino …

Wed Feb 02 2011

RT @jewellehicks: When Chicago closes public schools because of the snow, that’s when you know shit just got real.

Wed Feb 02 2011

Excited for my first snow day. I feel like a kid in those childhood Christmas movies.

Tue Feb 01 2011

RT @illinoistech: All IIT classes beginning at 4pm or later the night of Tuesday Feb 1 through 3pm on Wed Feb 2 have been canceled due t …

Tue Feb 01 2011

There are three kinds of people: those who think inside of the box, those who think outside of the box, and those who can’t find the box.

Tue Feb 01 2011 Exciting news. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Mon Jan 31 2011 Impressed by WP7’s smooth app switching. I hope Apple adopts a similar notification system, and I want that Hearts app!

Sat Jan 29 2011

RT @QAHatesYou: With a name like “127 Hours” about getting trapped and having to cut stuff at the end, I figured the movie was about pro …

Fri Jan 28 2011

We need faster bandwidth already. It pains me to have to lower the resolution of my photos by so much just so the site will load reliably…

Thu Jan 27 2011

The problem with ranking by GPA: it promotes underachievement and discourages substituting with a harder course for fear of hurting your GPA

Thu Jan 27 2011

Simplicity is an art.

Wed Jan 26 2011

Some great tips for successfully scheduling a meeting:

Wed Jan 26 2011

Just finish it. - definitely something I need to keep in mind while I work on my designs.

Tue Jan 25 2011

Every wall in offices should be covered in whiteboards. When given such a large canvas, we automatically fill it with creativity.

Tue Jan 25 2011

When you get stuck on a design, always go back to the basics.

Tue Jan 25 2011

Great site that highlights the little UX touches that make a product shine…

Tue Jan 25 2011

Barely finished setting up a new Tumblr blog for the first time, and got the “Service Unavailable” page thrown at me. Tumblr is in trouble.

Sat Jan 22 2011

JSON seems to force me to code better versus XML, which often results in a poorly thought out data structure.

Sat Jan 22 2011

RT @UXBooth: Design Meets Psychology: Putting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Work

Tue Jan 18 2011

Pulp Fiction re-enacted by browsers… brilliant.

Mon Jan 17 2011

The amount of work it takes just to properly install MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Mac OS is rather ridiculous. This should be much easier by now.

Sat Jan 15 2011

Really Google? Throwing the word “open” around while trying to control everything can only get you so far…

Tue Jan 11 2011

Oh Glenn Beck, you never cease to amuse the rest of us…

Mon Jan 10 2011

“If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” - The Joker

Mon Jan 10 2011

These backscatter scanners actually tickle and make my body itchy. That’s some strong radiation…

Sun Jan 09 2011

RT @jasonfried: People complaining about the Mac app store interface are missing the point. Think about the current install interface - …

Sat Jan 08 2011

This VLC app store debacle illustrates the biggest reason not to use a strictly GPL license on your code: it infects anything it touches…

Sat Jan 08 2011

Replying to @Siddharth_R

well now that AT&T exclusivity is gone, it’s only a matter of time until t-mobile gets it too.

Sat Jan 08 2011

Love Gruber’s summary of the Intel vs Microsoft blame game.

Sat Jan 08 2011

Not at all impressed with Five Guys…

Sat Jan 08 2011

Excited for the Verizon iPhone announcement. Maybe AT&T’s network will finally be useable again.

Fri Jan 07 2011

Being able to easily and reliably video call from the middle of a store is an amazing feeling. I did not think I would be doing that in 2010

Sat Jan 01 2011

I am constantly amazed by how much work I can get done with just my cell phone.

Fri Dec 31 2010

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted.”

Wed Dec 29 2010

RT @tabuleapp: We’re looking for 2 awesome devs to help make Tabule the next big thing!

Wed Dec 22 2010

Surprised to see Microsoft doing something that actually actively helps web standards move forward…

Sat Dec 18 2010

The movie theater renamed Auditorium 2 to Grid 2 for Tron. Too bad the movie itself was so disappointing, beyond the effects.

Fri Dec 17 2010

Flash plugin in Chrome is using 81.6% of my CPU…

Tue Dec 14 2010

RT @jasonfried: Crown Hall shines on the front page of the new site, by @simplescott.

Thu Dec 09 2010

Blown away by Infinity Blade, and I don’t usually play games.

Thu Dec 09 2010

I love iOS but truly sick of all the popup notifications while trying to work. They really need to fix this in iOS 5. A notif. bar is a must

Wed Dec 08 2010

Amazing teaser site…

Fri Dec 03 2010

Path has a brilliant promotional video on their site. I saw no use for it and still see no good biz model but have now installed it to try.

Wed Dec 01 2010

It’s a great feeling to go to sleep with a normal city outside and then wake up and see it covered in a layer of white. :D

Wed Dec 01 2010

Trunk Notes for iOS has finally managed to convince me to use a wiki for organizing my notes, and I’m loving it.

Wed Dec 01 2010

Twitter is great for teaching how to be concise in a world of excessively long emails. The more I use Twitter, the shorter my emails become.

Wed Dec 01 2010

Having an iPhone and an iPad really encouraged me to move to the cloud as much as possible, which is good news now that my MacBook died…

Wed Dec 01 2010

Replying to @zohosheet

Ive never used Zoho but with Google Docs in safari, I can only edit one line at a time, lose formatting, can’t edit formulas, etc

Tue Nov 30 2010

Editing Google Docs on the iPad is a complete pain. There has to be a better way to do this…

Mon Nov 29 2010

This is definitely how I feel about YouTube and the new Facebook Groups.

Mon Nov 29 2010

iOS 5 needs to support over the air updates to replace computers. My friend owns just an iPad and only needs a computer to update the iPad.

Sun Nov 28 2010

Now every time I’m about to get distracted with that “quick” video clip, I get a helpful missing Flash page, reminding me to return to work.

Sun Nov 28 2010

Followed @gruber advice to remove Flash. Best decision. Battery gains aside, my productivity has increased with fewer online distractions.

Sun Nov 28 2010

Rumors of the iPad 2 releasing in January being published today of all days must’ve severely hurt Apple’s iPad sales on Black Friday.

Sat Nov 27 2010

Everybody should wear this shirt through TSA security until they change the policy.

Wed Nov 24 2010

Noticed that all my social apps are blue, so did research. Apparently blue is a calming color that makes people more productive. Interesting

Wed Nov 24 2010

Gate-rape: I’m waiting for the clip of somebody shouting “don’t grape me bro!” to hit YouTube.

Wed Nov 24 2010

Find My iPhone was the only aspect of MobileMe that I missed since switching to Google Sync. This is a huge competitive advantage for Apple.

Mon Nov 22 2010

Wow iOS 4.2, free Find My iPhone, Netflix Streaming Only, and Amazon Price Check and eBay seller app via barcode scanner. Its a good morning

Mon Nov 22 2010

This is the 2nd time Ive missed my iPhone alarm by getting a push notif. the second after my alarm rang, turning itself off immediately. Grr

Mon Nov 22 2010

RT @shooby: Photo: This, this should happen. Really cool, and an actual step forward

Sat Nov 20 2010

Sad because it’s true… Hug a developer today!

Fri Nov 19 2010

Very true…

Thu Nov 18 2010

That was an awful lot of hype for just Beatles on iTunes…

Tue Nov 16 2010

I wonder how long until mobile check-ins are used instead of time sheets for tracking an employee’s worked hours.

Tue Nov 16 2010

Very creative video

Mon Nov 15 2010

I don’t understand how the the new Windows Phone 7 ads make WP7 look good, but they sure are accurate…

Mon Nov 15 2010

“Def just almost dropped my iPhone in boiling water… I feel like I’m in a windows mobile commercial” - Rohit Nalamasu

Mon Nov 15 2010

This pretty accurately sums up my college life.

Thu Nov 11 2010

Hmm this looks like an interesting way to boost productivity, going to give it a shot.

Thu Nov 11 2010

“Being a hunk is not about the size of your biceps. It’s about how much junk you can haul in your trunk.” - CEO

Fri Nov 05 2010 George Takei hilariously calls out anti-gay school board member. It’s great to see so much public support for this issue.

Fri Nov 05 2010 great video interview… really makes you think about what you’re doing / done

Thu Nov 04 2010

Setting #gvmobile free if it trends is definitely an interesting marketing strategy.

Sun Sep 19 2010

RT @janepyle: Part of the appeal of Android seems to be that you can make a big myspace-like mess out of the UI. I wish I understood tha …

Thu Sep 02 2010

AutoCAD comes back to the Mac, and more interestingly to the iPad.

Tue Aug 31 2010

Seems FaceTime recognizes calls over 3G, it just doesnt display the GUI to accept them. Music still fades out and pauses while phone “rings”

Thu Aug 19 2010

Look familiar? Found in Paris, France. Pomme means apple in French.

Thu Jun 17 2010

Think of your VCs as produce suppliers? yeah right…

Mon Jun 14 2010

Paris elevators only have a door open button but no door close button. Interesting.

Wed Jun 02 2010

Woah Orange France is selling iPads with 100€ discount. That’s a pretty good deal.

Wed Jun 02 2010

RT @janepyle: I’m endlessly fascinated with door affordances. Everyday I watch people struggle with this seemingly simple task. Why is t …

Fri May 21 2010

RT @ctomlin: Good post, well worth reading by @thebrainlady : The Psychologist’s View of UX Design via UX Magazine

Thu May 20 2010,0,156235.story :D

Wed May 19 2010

My iPhone headphones just went through the wash and still work perfectly. Sweet.

Tue May 04 2010

My new 2.5” internal laptop harddrive just arrived in this massive box. Nice job, Amazon.

Mon Apr 26 2010

Struggled all day to install svn on Bluehost server, only to find that reason was broken Bluehost code that they don’t care to fix. bad ux.

Sun Apr 25 2010

Interesting article about how iPads are changing medicine. Kaiser Permanente and Harvard are already testing them.

Mon Apr 12 2010

Adobe is really taking every chance it gets to make snide remarks towards Apple, even in their CS5 announcement post…

Mon Apr 12 2010

Why is there no junk mail filtering on the iPhone like there is on the Mac version of Mail?

Sun Apr 11 2010

AT&T down in Chicago, probably due to Sox opening game. It’s making my life very difficult… a 10 min task took 1 hr due to no preparation.

Mon Apr 05 2010

after an hour of messing around and not actually doing our video pitch, our camera man finally snaps…

Thu Apr 01 2010

And so it begins, Seton Hill University to give all students an iPad Exciting how education and tech are changing now.

Wed Mar 31 2010

iMockups for iPad Rapid wireframing and layout app designed just for iPad. Must have this! (via @janepyle)

Wed Mar 31 2010 iPad for students is going to be huge…

Mon Mar 29 2010

Lady Gaga’s Telephone is as weird and funny as usual, great satire of US materialism and advertising

Fri Mar 12 2010

Flash needs to die faster. Avoided using it all day, but instant I use it, my browser crashes. Thankfully there’s HTML5, Apple, Google, etc.

Wed Mar 10 2010

Good read about the future of books on iPad

Tue Mar 09 2010

Who knew you could have so much fun with soil. Just watched some soil pellets absorb water and grow in seconds.

Sun Mar 07 2010

Spaces on the iPhone is the way to go for a user-friendly multitasking paradigm.

Sat Feb 27 2010

Dashboard widgets on the iPad will be compatible with Dashboard widgets on the mac. Now waiting for a widget store on iTunes.

Sat Feb 27 2010

Can’t wait to see the implications of project natal on gesture-based computing. Minority report, here we come.

Sat Feb 27 2010

Definitely love the business model. I would love to see it copied for a site where users can sell too. Swoopo meets eBay.

Tue Feb 23 2010

The send button on the iPhone’s email application is too easy to accidently touch.

Tue Feb 23 2010

iPad would be great for my photo shoots. Connect SLR directly to it, and organize pics on the spot. see

Wed Jan 27 2010

RT @janepyle: Door Fail … yet another example of terrible door design. Why don’t doors open both ways everywhere?

Mon Aug 17 2009 I wonder how effective such an excessive ad really is. It definitely left an impression on me.

Mon Aug 17 2009

Why are home washers and dryers so terribly complicated to use?

Tue Aug 11 2009 - A neat design for a vinegar/oil bottle I found in India.

Mon Aug 10 2009

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